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should be 9 weeks but ultrasound says 6 weeks

I went in for a ultrasound today. I should be 9w6d today. The ultrasound said 6 weeks. It showed a gestational sac, yolk sac, and fetal pole. It could not pick up a hearbeat. I am for certain of my dates and that it should be correct. I had blood test and it came back normal for 6-8 weeks along. I am freaking out here really bad! Has anyone had this happen and it went along with a normal healthy baby? Im so scared of having another miscarriage. Please respond!

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I don't know much about this sorry. Wanted to send hugs.

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What did your doctor say?

My own only experience with this, which I share whenever something like this comes up, is that a friend of mine got scared to death with something very similar, and it turned out that they had gotten the date of conception wrong because her cycles tended to be unusually long. I see that you're sure of your dates, but I wonder if there's something that you or the doc might be missing that would account for this.

Get a medical opinion, obviously, and we're all praying and keeping fingers crossed for you.

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Were you charting or using opks? Hopefully you were just off on ovulation day and that's why you're measuring small. It's very common. When did you get your BFP hun? Will be praying for you I'm sure everything's alright xx

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Even if you knew exactly when you ovulated, there's apparently such a thing as late implantation. Whereby the babby implants after the usual 7-12 dpo and thus starts developing later. I didn't get my bfp until 17dpo and a woman who works at my fertility specialist's office said she didn't get hers until 21dpo. I'm only 8 weeks along (measuring 6.5), but her babby is now a healthy 10 mo. old.

The other thing is that even the transvaginal ultrasound estimates are given as +/- 1 week accuracy.

So it would seem there's hope. Good luck for the next ultrasound.

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It could be a missed miscarriage or maybe you will go back next week and they will find a heartbeat. I know the waiting is horrible. I hope everything works out. Good luck

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how come you had an ultrasound? was it a private one or thorugh the NHS
I had a private one at 7 weeks and they said baby was measuring 5w5days!
We saw and heard the heartbeat.
I had my 12 weeks scan the other day at 12weeks and 4 days and baby measured 12weeks 2 days, so baby has caught up just as the sonographer had said originally.

Did you not even see the heart beating? id go for another scan if that were me

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