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If there was no heartbeat at 6-7 weeks, would you start to bleed usually?

Hi everyone, my first scan isn't until April 3rd, but I'm wondering if it shows no heartbeat at that scan, whether there would be symptoms of that? I will be 8-10 weeks at the scan.

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Hi hun

Usually when there is no HB you would miscarry naturally although sometimes women have a missed misscarriage. This is where the baby dies but the women doesn't bleed or have any pain. This doesn't happen that often considering how many pregnancies there are in the UK a year. I am sure everything will be fine though hun and you will see a LO with a strong HB. Easier said than done but try not to worry, I did with both of mine and they both turned out just fine x

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Some people get symptoms of an impending miscarriage like bleeding, cramping, pain or loss of breast tenderness/nausea. You could also have those symptoms and still have a healthy, perfect pregnancy. Back in 2007, I miscarried at 12 weeks but the baby stopped developing at 8 weeks (TWICE); so for me, it took 4 weeks for my body to realize the pregnancy wasn't viable and start bleeding...In 2008, I bled on and off for 16 weeks and never had breast tenderness or nausea. I have a healthy 3 yo kiddo from that pregnancy.
Wishing you the very best outcome!

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Everyone and every pregnancy is different. My first ended in miscarriage my baby never developed just a small sac but my body didn't realize it for a few weeks. I spotted brown once then stopped then again a week later then miscarried two weeks after that. This isn't the case for some though. A friend of mine just miscarried at 6 weeks the same day she started spotting. Don't worry, you are far more likey to be holding a baby in your arms in 9 months than to go to your scan and not have a heartbeat. Stay positive!

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i had a blighted ovum, had no idea till my 9 week appointment, and i didnt start bleeding till the night before my d&c, which was 4 days after the 9 week appointment. sometimes it can take awhile. thats why i think woen should opt for the surgery rather than natural, too many risks in waiting or going at it alone. plus its more painful!

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Hi hun. From my experience, one of my previous pregnancies ended where I had my scan at 15=6 as I was refused my much requested early scan, this showed my baby had passed at 6 weeks, I had nothing to back this up, no bleeding or cramping, still had symptoms and still bloated/developed bump whatever. My body hadn't acknowledge baby's passing therefore continued to act pregnant.

It is possible to lose and not know. But as has been said already, everybody is different as is each individual pregnancy.

Im sure all will be fine hun. I know after a miscarriage it is easier said than done as far as worrying is concerned. But do try keep positive and let us know how you get on with your scan


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