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Should I bother? Maternity bras

Hi all
So I haven't grown that much but it is difficult to keep me girls contained in the same 32 c bra I have been wearing. Sorry if tmi but sometimes nipples try to poke out of it.
Should I just get a larger bra?
I like underwire better.
Is under wire bad? I also prefer push up bras and am afraid that maternity bras=old grandma saggy boob look.
Is it ok to just wear normal bras until the end of pregnancy?
Thanks for your input.

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You're not meant to wear underwired bras while pregnant. That's why all maternity bras are wireless. It sucks, cos I'm big busted and they do nothing for me, but I avoid them in pregnancy.

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I have a lovely nursing bra from Mothercare (I think- it was given to me) The brand name is Moda. It's not underwired, but it has moulded cups like a t-shirt bra, and underneath the cups it does have like a stitched part that acts as an underwire. It's the most comfortable bra I have at the moment, the only downside is they're about 20 a piece, and I can't really afford to buy more of them when I will grow out of them again by the time I want to nurse!

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I've just bought a new padded non-wired bra in a bigger size, and my boobs are in seventh heaven - definately get yourself a new bra!


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I know this goes against everything you're told, but I wore underwired throughout my last pregnancy with no problems, produced plenty of milk but didn't get on with BF! This time I'm not planning to BF anyway so am not too worried! Just make sure you buy good supportive bras throughout pregnancy!!xx

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I would DEFINITELY go for a maternity bra with no underwire. Underwire is supposed to be bad cos it can compress breast tissue and increase risk of breast cancer.
There are plenty of flattering ones at Mothercare or online. They may not be push up but your puppies will get so big that won't even matter!

Also don't do as I did and think you can buy a nursing bra to wear in pregnancy and then after as the size changes normal size is 34C...while pregnant 40DD (your chest expands during pg)....and for nursing I was 36E!!!

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You can wear underwire providing they are correctly sized and dont in any way dig in. I wouldnt bother with proper maternity bras this early on TBH. Just make sure your bra fits. Sports bras are really comfy and cheap. x

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For my last pregnancy i bought sports bras as they are underwired and i felt they had more support than maternity bras, plus they were alot cheaper as i bought mine from Primark and Peacocks for 4 a bra!

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I personally think you should wait as near end of pregnancy/birth your breasts will swell like no tomorrow! So best to go shopping then. I have just stayed with my normal bras for now.

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I think i have gone up a cup size and also they seem to be changing shape a bit, im really uncomfortable in wired bras now, so bought some fab non wired ones from Sainsburys, similar to t-shirt bras and got some sports bras from Primark.
I'll probably get a few from Mothercare too.

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