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1 glass of red wine a day???

Hi there
Am unsure about wether to have a glass of red wine once in a while or not? My sisters doctor said she could no problem but my doctor doesn't think its so good? What do you think? I love red wine and have always heard its healthy if its just one glas!!!
Please let me know your opinion

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I think you should do what your doctor says.. and if you dont like.. go see your sisters doctor.. just my opinion!

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I wondered this too, but decided I'm going to stay teetotal for the first 12-16 weeks while everything is developing, even tho I do absolutely love my wine.
I've not had any for almost 5 weeks now & I've suprised myself that I'm quite used to not having it now

After that I may have one small glass occasionally, I'm told that is fine & can be beneficial.
A small glass is teeny 125ml tho, that means you get 6 in a bottle, I'd normally get 2-3

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You know, I just wouldn't recommend it, especially in the first trimester. I have had this discussion with lots of people and the debate rages, but,

Fetal alcohol syndrome, unless it is severe, is often hard to diagnose. As a teacher, I suspect it some times, but unless the mother owns up to her pregnancy drinking, there is no diagnosis. We all just wonder why this child is so listless and just not learning. In the first trimester, the fetus could literally swim in that one small glass. So what is small to you, may not be for your baby.

I too am a huge oenophile. I love my wine. And there are some things you can do to get your fix, without consuming the alcohol.

Try cooking with the wine. Once it has boiled, the alcohol has blown off. Great in a soup or stew.
There is non alcoholic wine available in the grocery store
Could be the tannins you are missing, so try some decaf tea, grape juice(the fancy kind from whole foods), or pomegranate juice, and drink it in a wine glass.

There are so many things we have to worry about in our pregnancy that we have no control over. You have control over this one. I hope this helps.

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One glass a day sounds a lot, I heard one a week was fine. 1 to 2 units max. I've had two small glasses since getting my bfp and I don't feel guilty. My Mum had one a week as I've heard and we are fine...... hmmmm I love my wine maybe that is why!!!!!

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I wouldn't do anything to temp fate! I love red wine too and haven't had a drink for nearly a year now as I keep misscarrying!

It's only 9 months out of your life hun.


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The evidence to give exact amounts that is "safe" to drink through pregnancy because of the lack of people willing to be a ginea pig - which is quite understandable.. which is why there is some confusion.

Personally I am not drinking through first tri (I have had half a glass when my DH took me for a surprise weekend away for our anniversairy) but may have a glass once a week later on. There has been some evidence to support that fact that small amounts ((and I mean small - less the 2 glasses per week) can help reduce pre-eclampsia, as it can lower blood pressure.

I think you need to be comfortable with what ever you decide to do.. I have found that I just don't want to drink!

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Again like others, I am not drinking personally. But this is very much to do with the fact I just dont want it!

As for a small glass of wine causing problems. They say, if you feel the effects of alcohol then so does your baby!! From what I always understood, Fetal Alcohol syndrome is more a problem if your getting drunk regularly, not the odd glass - I would love to hear more.

Bearing in mind, that pre 12 or so weeks the placenta is forming and therefore alcohol cannot get through to the baby via that route - however, the organs are forming and it just doesnt sound like a good idea to me to be drinking.

After 12 weeks, the placenta acts as a filter. Therefore some alcohol may get through but not everything.

This is my 3rd baby, during my first I drank nothing, my second I had the very odd small (port glass size) drink. This time, nothing so far, but I would not rule it out. I certainly have no intention on getting drunk, but will not beat myself up if I fancy a glass with a meal.

There are so many reports from the BBC, which have said No Alcohol is safe, then one glass is benefical, now No alcohol is safe again??? No wonder we are all confused??Personally I would say its a matter of choice.

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I deffo wouldn't drink through 1st tri anyway, so much important development takes place.

1 glass a day sounds a lot, I think 175ml glass of wine is 2 units and they say if you are going to drink then 1-2 units per week, so that's 1 glass per week.

I first had a drink at 19 weeks around Christmas, just a quarter glass of wine, couple sips of champagne. Since then once or twice I've had sips of wine from DH's glass.

I love wine too, and I think a little isn't going to hurt, but it depends on your definition of a little. I couldn't drink a whole glass right now anyway, two sips and I feel tipsy these days!

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My mw says 1 or 2 glasses a wk is fine although since getting pregnant i have had 3 glasses altogether x

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