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I agree with Steph, I don't think you can feel fertilisation otherwise the 2 week wait would be a whole lot more straight forward for some of us.

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I wish to know when the fertilisation is happening but it's impossible to feel it. I was ovulating on Sunday and today I have a slight pain in my left side so \i don't know what is going on? still about 8 days to test.

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I am almost sure I felt it when we conceived. That night it just felt totally different. And even OH turned round to me afterwards and said that felt totally weird. And a week later turned round to me and said he thought we got pregnant that night. So yes I think that if you are very in tune with your body, you can feel conception. And my cousin also felt this with her youngest.

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I never felt fertilisation... but i felt implantation?


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i am certain i know exactly when i conceived, but i didn't 'feel' it, i just had a sense that that night was the night, it made sense with my obsessive charting, then i promptly lost interest in sex.

i suppose i agree with one of the other posters - i reckon we (well, i didn't, but some people) feel ovulation pain because we feel symptoms of it. our ovaries belong to us, and so our body is capable of hearing from them and the nerves in/around them to tell what is going on. with the egg and sperm though, once released, it isn't part of our body anymore, they aren't linked up with our brain or body (via nerves), and fertilisation wouldn't cause any kind of communication with our body. i have heard that within 2-3 days after fertilisation we start making some different kind of protein (early pregnancy protein, or something like that??), so perhaps you could sense changes in your body due to that? i wouldn't be convinced that a woman could sense actual fertilisation though.

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Completely agree with hopedance on this one. I think you can 'know' based on a number of factors, but I think it would be impossible to feel fertilisation itself. I think you might but only just, feel when it implanted and even more so if you are extremely thin (underweight thin) but even that I am not convinced about. I think it's more about knowing your body's natural rythym rather than feeling the 'fertilisation' or implantation

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We shall see

OK gals, the reason I found this forum is because I have been feeling tugs and tugs that feel kind of like ovulation (I can always feel it)... but I am done ovulating (I took the test) and am hoping to have... conceived ?!?! So... I wanted to see what all this tugging and very very light pain was about, if it could mean what I hope it means.

So all I'm saying is... we'll see, huh? I'll post back when I find out in a few weeks.


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Old Jun 4th, 2009, 12:43 PM   18
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I totally agree with hopedance, not sure how one can feel something smaller than a pinhead floating in space dividing into cells. Our minds are very powerful, and when you are trying to conceive you feel all kinds of things, you don't know until you poas, then yah you can look back and say, I felt that that day. Wouldn't that be so much simpler then we wouldn't have to wait 2 weeks or even poas.

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I agree with hopedance and some others...

Some people may feel ovulation (or symptoms of it - since their ovaries are part of them).

People cannot feel fertilisation - since the egg is not part of them, neither is the sperm. There is nothing connecting them to the egg, there are no nerves etc. People might get some sort of "sixth sense" and/or their mind may play tricks on them.

To a certain extent, your body behaves exactly as though it is pregnant (whether it is or isn't) until just before AF. Whether you conceive or not, the build up of Progesterone gives you some "pregnancy symptoms". This will happen from ovulation onwards (will include tiredness, maybe some twinges, headaches, spots, digestion/heartburn problems).

Then you (hopefully) have implantation (probably 5/6/7 days after ovulation - can vary), this is when you may experience a very slight implantation bleed, more cramps and the rises in HCG (pregnancy hormone) and then you will start to get more/"real" pregnancy symptoms.

Our bodies can be VERY sensitive to hormone changes etc, but there really isn't anything "out of the ordinary" to actually detect (no matter how in tune you are) until implantation... (generally 5 to 7 days before start of your period).


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yes you can. after a few days you feel the egg changing inside you. its typical to a mother's instinct. and it's not called an egg after it's fertilized. it's called a zygote. 7th grade science people. you feel things changing. small at first and then more and more as you reach your first and second month. it seems like a slow process but it's actually pretty damn fast. think about it. it's a network of bones, cells, organs, tissue, nerves, everything that will make your baby your's. ktsl123: only you know what you feel. these other women and myself can't have a real say cause it's not our baby and it's not our body. only you can know if what your feeling inside is possibly your new baby developing. i think i finally got it right cause my fiance and i have been trying and my period is late and i've been feeling those small changes and i felt what i thought was ovulation but i normally stop feeling the off and on cramps of it after three days. mine hasn't stopped for a week and a half good luck with your ttc and listen to your own instincts. after all, a mother knows best

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