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rajnin I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

I found this thread doing a google search. Its nice to know I am not the only person out there who is feeling this way.
I took my trigger shot on the 6th and a few days after I started feeling different. I read all I could about ovidrel and found it does give you pregnacy symptoms and thanks to this awesome website I got a lot of info about how long that lasts. So here it is a week after and for the past two nights I've been woken up with terrible cramps and starting last night my back hurts. I've had more headaches now then I ever have in my life, my breast and nipples are sore, and I feel this hard feeling in my lower stomach. Its not quite a cramp but its a feeling and I'm trying not to make myself crazy but that feeling is what makes me think I am pregnant. I had NONE of these symptoms the last time I did my injections so I am hoping and crossing my fingers that this is it.

Has anyone else been through this?

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Need Info

Good day all.
Please I would like to know if it's possible am pregnant.
My fertile window is 5th May to 12th May and ovulation on the 8th.
However, myself and my husband had unprotected sex from 5th to 7th.
After then I felt some cramp and aches on my leg. Please would want to know if am likely to be pregnant. Don't want to use a home pregnancy kit now because it might show negative. Kindly reply ASAP. Am so anxious

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hey ladies, i have read the responses and replies from various blogs. Okay, my issue is this: my boyfriend and i had intercourse on april 11, 2014(friday) and we used a condom. On April 13th (sunday), i started to wonder what this feeling was (description: it feels like something is rolling downward or tugging downward. the feeling starts from, what i think/believe are my ovaries then it moves downward. And it sometimes switches from the right ovary to the left ovary. It doesnt feel like a cramp or it doesnt hurt, but it does tickle and when i say it tickles, ITS ANNOYING!!! But anywho, i really just wanted some insight on what this can be. If anyone can help or shed some light it would be greatly appreciated

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I completely agree with the theory it is percievable - tho rare. I had so many things come together following the nearly exact 15 hours after intercourse to feeling a bad cramp n the same side i feel activity going on. I think it was the egg being entered and then pulled down towards the uterus, immediatly after that cam a almost constant tummy ache, small pokes in the same side of my reproductive area, super tired, passing out at like 730. oh and moody, good grief, i am even surprised at myself and how easily im frustrated lately. I happen to have 3 weeks off this month bcs of an elbow injury - i think the bed rest promoted the chances of conception being possible because i am usually very active at work. I have had a plethera of healthy foods around me in the last few weeks, as a believer, i feel this could be favor. like the other woman posted, it comes down to willingness to listen - really listen to what your body is doing in comparison to normal health. for example, my temperature is 97.5 consistanly for years, last feww weeks varies from 98.5 - 99.6.. i know that because i have been watching. I am knocking on 40, havent gotten pregnant in 15 years without trying/not trying. I finally did the possible math and it will have been the most perfect of timing - which it would need to be for a woman like myself - i am excited but not, we have thought i was pregnant a dozen times, so dissappointing - but i do not think the timing was quite this good ever before! guess i will have to wait another week or two to know for sure.

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