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13 week scan - a right palava!

Had my 13 week scan this morning. Thought id share my story!

It was at 9am and i woke up with such bad morning sickness that i couldnt keep any water down. As a result i got called into the scan room at 10 to 9 (early.. i was shocked! always been made to wait ages with the other two scans id had) .. and the lady scanned me briefly and told me my bladder was too empty and to take a seat outside for 40 minutes and fill my bladder up.

I went back in 40 minutes later, she scanned me again and told me my bladder was now too full and i needed to go and release HALF of it.. I was like woman are you kidding me!?

So did that.. but i wasnt sure if id released enough cus my bladder still felt painfully full But i went back in anyway and the lovely patient lady tried to get our measurements for us. However a new problem.. the baby just wouldnt cooperate at all! Its was quite funny really.. or would have been if i didnt need the loo so much and the woman wasnt prodding me quite so hard with the wand thing to try and get baby to move.

After about 40 minutes (yes 40!!) of her trying to get babys measurement.. which included the baby lying on its back and sticking his/her bum in the air..which amused me and OH immensley..and her making me stand up and move about.. and coughing alot to get the baby to move. She decided to give up.

She said that sometimes this happens and that you cant always get baby in the position you want.. I was a bit upset because i really wanted to get the downs syndrome measurements for some piece of mind and felt like id be really worried about it.. but at the same time all i really just wanted to do was get out of there and release my bladder because it was getting painful.

Anyway just as she said that, she was like Oh! Wait a minute! Babys in the right position..dont move a muscle!! Haha so i didnt, and she finally managed to get all her measurements (which were all A-ok and perfectly normal.. putting me at 13+3 and 2.3 for babys fold)

So thats my story. Quite funny really.. we've obviously got a cheeky misbehaved baby in there! & it meant we got to see the baby on the screen for longer so it turned out a good thing! at least it was eventful!

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when i had the downs scan with my son i had pretty much the same expierence..
Except i have never been told my bladder was to full or empty.
He was all curled up only showing his butt to us. (i actually had to go back 1 week later) because she had given up after an hour.
So i went in the next week and he was doing the Same thing! This time she was determined to get him to move. I had to drink apple juice, do jumping jacks, pretty much run around like a crazy woman. Not to mention when the lady came back in she scared the crap out of me (thats what she was trying to do to get baby to move). After over an hr the baby finally got in a OK position at least enough for her to get the measurements she needed.

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Lol! Cute tale!

I went through the bladder thing as well! In the end she told me to just empty it totslly as it was just getting in the way of the scan. Glad it worked out for you in the end. You have a cheeky one!

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hehe, this most made me smile. Glad you finally got your measurements and funny that baby was such a booger =)

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Aww glad you got the measurements and everything is okay! And glad that Mister Man finally got to see baby!! Must have been lovely!

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