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2 day bleed, then BFP??

Hi girls, Before you got your BFP, did any of you have what you thought was a short period? My AF (or what I figured) came 4 days early and lasted only 48 hours. ?? Seemed odd. I'm feeling VERY tired, weird twinges, bloated. Will test tomorrow, but just wondering if there's any reason for me to be hopeful??

It was not spotting... an actual bleed (sorry.. TMI).

Any personal stories similar would be appreciated. Thanks, and wishing you all good health and baby love!!

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hi, this is similar to me, although i didnt have an actual bleed, i had more than spotting, 4 days before AF was due, and i assumed period was here, but it cleared up and then nothing, so tested and got a bfp. so it could well be implantation?

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all 3 times iv been pregnant (2 mc) iv allso had a bleed my first and this pregnancy were realy light mainly spottooing but different in colour mainly pink and brown.. the second time was acctualy qite heavy and i had no clue at all.

Everyones different but to the people who say its only supposed to be spottong are very wrong. Me and a few people i know have had a full blown bleed!!

So yes it is possible GL hun xxx

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I spotted/bled (pink, reddish brown and brown) for 10 days from 3/28 - 4/7 when I got my BFP on 4/1. It was enough for a liner and was pretty constant and was kind of like the bleeding on the last day of a period. I let my dr know and they monitored me hcg and even let me have an early scan at 6 weeks to make sure.

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