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Period and pregnant??

Idk where to post this...Hi, just a quick many of you who have had children already had a "period" therefore you thought you weren't pregnant but found out you were actually pregnant later. How far along were you when you found out and what were your symptoms? Thanks for your time!!

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I have one 15months baby now. I was 2 months when I have known that I was pregnant. I had a red blood stain even slightly black (I even thought I may have disease then, it was also accompanied with constipation LOL) on the middle of july which I was confuse because I already had my period, OH well ignored it... then on the middle of august I was waiting for my period,..nothing came...I had a (+/-) 7 days on my menstruation so I wait for another 7 days, but still no period.. I told myself on the 10 day and if it wont came out I'll be having my a pregnancy test .

So the 10th day is over, no period, ..have my PT and it's positive!!!

So I guess the red with slight black blood stain is not a period I think it is the 7-14 days(forgtot the exact date) after our we do it,..scientifically it is the time that the baby(eggcell fertilized by the sperm cell) had attached to the mother's uterus in which it cause maximum bleeding to some and slighty or none to others. On my part I experienced this for 2-3 days which made me confuse because I usually had my menstruation for 7 days.

The symptom for me only occur on my second month, the usual preggy symptom, but I had experienced excessive vomiting thus I needed to resign from work for my baby health but its worth it. My baby is so healthy, sweet and hugable ..LOL..

Hope this helps!

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Yes. Happened to me!

Af was a week late in september that never happens! Then had a light flow that stopped & started for 3days. My normal af is 5days.
Had all the pregnancy symptoms that month.
October light af for 2 days lighter than month before.
Thought something was up. Found out two weeks later i was 10weeks pregnant!
12weeks pregnant got another af! Very scary as knew i was pregnant. No cramps thou.
This lasted only a day or so thank god!
Now im 14weeks & just found out im carrying twins! So that could be the reason for my breakthrough bleeding dr says.
Good luck!

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