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Lovely to see how you are all getting on! Noah is now 16 months, we've been ttc no 3 for 14cycles! Just about to start fostering too, so busy!

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Mrs. Eddie
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He is so gorgeous Morebabies! There is a big gap between my youngest brother and the rest of us and we're all still close. I am 12 years older than him and while our relationship is different, (almost more parental than sibling), it is still very good. He was also spoiled rotten by all of us and was always a very "cool" kid as he copied our behaviour, listened to a lot of the same music as us and just acted older in a way. I think my relationship with him has actually helped me be a better Mom to Isla, I bet your daughters will feel the same when they have kids of their own!

The need to start TTC #2 for me is also being driven by my age. I am 33 and font want to be trying to TTC after 35 if possible...Plus, Isla's an amazing little girl. If I could have 10 more like her I would

Iow, nice to hear from you too! Fostering is incredible, good for you!

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