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Pregnant whilst taking Microgynon 30

Hi, I have been taking microgynon for 4 years, I have always remained the same weight but over the past few weeks I have gained weight my stomach looks as though I am bloated all the time, I feel sick most of the time, constantly tired, and more recently I need the toilet a lot more and my breasts feel heavier/itch.

I took a pregnancy test about 2 weeks ago in the evening which was negative. As I have taken two packs together I haven't ha a period in about 6 weeks however stopped the pack 2 days ago. I'm not sure if I should even be worried or if so, when to take another test? Please help

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Not familiar with the medication your on--but your sx sound good for possible pg.. Take another test hun, and if it's negative and you've still not started--def get into see your doctor for a blood test. Some ladies don't get a + home test but find out later they are pg..
Good Luck!

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I fell pregnant in 2006 whilst on Microgynon 30. I did not forget a pill or had any antibiotics etc. unfortunately I had a mmc at 9 weeks
Not sure you have the bloating for taking 2 packs in a row. Wait for a bit and then try another test if you still haven't got a period.

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i recently fell pregnant on mycrogynon didnt miss a pill or anything either but started with tension headaches and extremely tired so that made me take a test which came out with two faint lines but must have had chemical pregnancy as nothing came of it. but im afraid it may have happened again this month im due to finish my pack of pills in 2 days. already having slight crampy feeling, exhaustion, tender nipples and lots of clear/milky discharge sorry tmi. the thing is im worried i could be pregnant and it not showing up on a test yet as tomorrow im getting the mirena coil fitted. will they be able to tell if im pregnant by looking up at my cervix.

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