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Originally Posted by lian_83 View Post
Hi SisterRose, thanks for answering, i'm really freaking out with this. On my report, it says 20x8x16ml, the unit ml was a puzzle, hence i asked my gp. He said, he doesn't know as well, but thought it's a typo, should be mm. He said it's probably mm. Didn't say much except, "this is nature's way of screening the unfit and weak."

I havent had any bleeding for 48 hours, is this a good thing? Shouldn't I be passing out the blood?

Also, I have horrible nausea, which I don't know whether because of hcg or SCH related. My last hcg couny is almost 60000 which was textbook for 6-7 weeks. I tried doing exhaustive research if SCH do worsen nausea cause I just feel so tired all the time, slept more than 14 hours last night.
On my scan notes it just said the area of bleed was "3.1 x 0.9cm" I have no idea how big that is, but was told that it's quite small.

As I never had any bleeding, I don't know how much is "normal" but I'd imagine that not having any more bleeding for 48hrs is a good sign.

I think that was a very insensitive thing for your GP to say, if you read back through this thread you'll see LOTS of women who have had normal pregnancies and gone on to give birth to healthy babies after having SCH's

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I think it's about time, I introduce myself.
I have been trying to read up all the posts during the last weeks.

I'm expecting an IVF baby. Everything went very well until I was 7w,6d. I had my first red bleed. At the ER, they found a sch next to the cervix. The next days was followed by brown spotting. 5 days later I experienced another fresh bleed. I was ordered 7 days of bedrest. After a controlscan, I was told my sch was gone. I felt very relieved, it had gone so fast.
4 days after returning to work I had a massive bleed at work, where I passed a clot the size of an orange. I had a controlscan 2 days later, where they couldn't find the reason for my bleeding. There was no sign of SCH.
I stayed home for another week in which I experienced no bleeding, but one day after returning to work, I had another massive bleeding (periodlike). I went to the ER, scared I was losing my baby. Baby was doing fine. The sonograf said, I might have a partial placenta previa, but she wasn't sure.
5 days later (12 weeks, 6 days) I went for my nuchal scan. Baby was fine, but she found a new sch measuring 1,5x4,5 cm and I have indeed a partial placenta previa. Now I'm ordered strict bedrest for 4 weeks, where I will have another ultrasound. I haven't had any bleeding or spotting for a week, and I'm feeling very optimistic it will stay this Way, since all my fresh bleedings has happened at work.
I hope to share good storys and support with all of you suffering the same.
Last I hope you forgive me, if there is any wrong spelling. I'm Danish, but I'm trying my best!

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Hi all...I had one with my oldest son. It was discovered at an US around 7 weeks. It went away and all was fine. Now, I'm newly pregnant again and had some light spotting last night. Can you have a sch starting this early in pregnancy or is there a better chance something else is the cause?

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Originally Posted by bnporter81 View Post
Hi all...I had one with my oldest son. It was discovered at an US around 7 weeks. It went away and all was fine. Now, I'm newly pregnant again and had some light spotting last night. Can you have a sch starting this early in pregnancy or is there a better chance something else is the cause?
Mine started at 7w6d, so it can happen early on. I'm hoping the best for you!!

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I went in for a gender scan last friday (15+0).

We are having a baby girl ��.

The hematoma was still there, close to my cervix. I still don't experience any bleeding. Unfortunaly she didn't meassure the hematoma, since it was a gender scan, but proportionately it looked smaller than 2 weeks ago.

Now I'm excited for my next scan at 17+0 at the hospital, where the hematoma will be messured and the location of the placenta will be assesed

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I was told my haematoma had gone at my 20 week scan. I had a private scan at 22 weeks to see why I was spotting as the nhs wouldn't scan me and the bleed was still there, at the same size as 16 weeks. I am Dissapointed in the nhs, it was like she just didn't want to look for it.

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with sch that continue through the second tri? Is there any chance at all this will go?


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It's been a very long time since I posted here. Two years or so...I've had 2 rainbow babies in between a total of 7 m/c and I've had sch's diagnosed with 3 of my 9 pregnancies though I'm suspicious that at least one other m/c had a sch that wasn't found. With my dd (my only full-term birth with a sch pg), I had a small sch behind the placenta at 8 weeks (found after I started bleeding) and gone at 12 weeks. Another sch was found on top the placenta at 12 weeks but was resolved by 20 weeks. I wasn't told a size, just that they were shrinking. The very next pg after my dd, I started bleeding at 9 weeks and an u/s showed an sch behind the placenta. I m/c 4 days later. I do not know if the sch caused the m/c or not as I may or may not have progesterone problems and I wasn't taking a progesterone supplement at the time. With my current m/c (I'm waiting for my D&C tomorrow), I started bleeding at 9w5d and an u/s at 10w1d showed a 10w3d baby and a small sch somewhere on the placenta. A followup u/s at 14w1d showed the sch was gone but the baby was 13 1/2-14 weeks and there was no hb/fetal movement/etc. The doctor seems to think the sch is the cause of my current m/c as I was taking progesterone this time yet I still m/c. My first m/c is the one I suspect an sch but one wasn't diagnosed. I started bleeding at 8 weeks but the u/s showed a 7wk baby with hb in the 150s. No cause for the bleeding was found. I m/c a week later.

My question is has anyone had recurrent sch? If so, what did your doctor do (if anything) to treat it? I've been tested for clotting disorders thought I can't remember all of them off the top of my head. The results came back normal and the doctor said I just was unlucky. I'm convinced the sch is occuring when the placenta partially detaches from the uterine wall at the time I would possibly have miscarried if I weren't taking progesterone. The reason for this is I'm diagnosed with a sch after I start bleeding and the bleeding always starts between 7 weeks and 9 weeks whether I take the progesterone or not. The only difference is it's certain I'll miscarry if I'm not on the progesterone whereas it's 50-50 I'll m/c while taking it.

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Hi everyone!

First off - im sorry for my english.. I am from Norway, and havent found a site like this there, discussing SCH..

I was diagnosed sterile in May, as my one tube (the other is removed) was found blocked. I also have low progesterone levels, and my uterus is heart-shaped.. i have miscarried many times after i got my daughter in 2004..

But in june we got pregnant!! (And i got terrified losing again).
I had a lot of pain from 4 weeks..
I am 9 weeks today, and they found a hematoma measuring 5 cm diameter 2 weeks ago when i started heavy bleeding.. It wouldnt stop..and i had a lot of pain (like giving birth), and bled really really heavy!
The uktrasound showed a healthy baby though...
I went home bleeding like before..and two days later i passed HUGE the size of my hand! I was sure i miscarried..
But baby was fine..
Home again - and the heavy bleeding, cramps and clots wouldnt stop..
I have been on bedrest the last 14 days..not sleeping because of the pain .. I need to sleep with two big towels rolled in between my legs because of the heavy bleeding..

I went back for an ultrasound today, and the hematoma is measuring 2 cm..
Thats good news, but i cant understand why its still there after all this heavy red bleeding!

I am so afraid..because this may be our only chance to have a baby (my daughter isnt my boyfriends daugter).
My boyfriend is positive,,but i cant! I have lost so many times and i am just waiting for it..

But - this time i get progesterone..
And today i finally got some pills that will stop my bleeding (because it seems like it wont heal by itself)..
I took the first pills today and my bleeding is suddenly very very small,,almost nothing. That helps me stay a little positive.
I have this cramps still, but drinking a lot of water helps a little.

So, this is me and my story this far..

Good luck to all of you! I hope to read a lot of good stories, with babies born full-term!

And my gyn ob told me that the hematoma alone, give only a small percent of loosing the baby.
She also said that bleeding is a good thing having a hematoma..but in my case it was so much bleeding i went anemic, and the source of the bleeding could not stop by itself. Brown blood is a good thing..
I hope i will get brown soon, to se the medicines are working stopping my ongoing bleeding.

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Hey girls! I came to this thread more than a year ago. At around 13 weeks I was diagnosed with a hematoma that was as big as my placenta. I bled on and off a lot for about 3 weeks, got taken off work and at 18 weeks my hematoma was gone. I'm now the proud mama of a beautiful 10 months old boy! I just popped by to give you ladies some hope! Hang in there! ^_^

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I would like to share another positive outcome with a sch!

I just gave birth to my healthy son :-) weighing almost 4kg!!

This pregnancy I was diagnosed with a sch at 5 1/2 weeks, when I started spotting. I was on bedrest and the spotting stopped, but then at around 8 weeks I had a bright red bleed (more than AF on a heavy day) and I was terrified of losing another baby (I lost my previous LO at 9 weeks) and I found out that a small edge of the placenta had lifted. After lots of bedrest and progesterone, the bleeding stopped and the sch was not visible anymore by 13 weeks.
The rest of my pregnancy went without problems.

Be strong, there is hope! :-)

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