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HELP 7 weeks pregnant and bleeding

I'm only 7 weeks pregnant and i had some bright red bleeding after sex....I"m in no pain...i'm worried something might be wrong.....this is my very first pregnancy....i have my first prenatal appoitment this thursday the 29...Is this kind of bleeding normal or do i need to seek emergancy medical treatment?

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I had bright red bleeding for 3days after sex at 8 weeks! I was so sceard. I had no cramps thou.
I didnt go to a&e as what can they really do? They cant stop a miscarriage sadly.
Luckily it was what they call cervical bleeding where your cervix is very sensitive & likely to bleed during early pregnancy. Drs often say pelvic rest witch means no sex until at leat the second trimester! Mine stopped & im now 14 weeks pregnant with twins! I didnt lose them. Id say put your self on bed rest or keep your feet up & google misdiagnosed miscarriage site as it will keep you positive.

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