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9 weeks 3 days, No heart Beat

Hi all, I'm 34 years old and this is my very 1st pregnancy, I went to the Drs for a routine check up and did an ultra sound and the Dr told me there was no fetal heart tones. She sent me to the ER the same day and they ran more test, and still no fetal hear tones. I've been reading a lot on the Internet and a bunch of women are saying there baby's heart beat couldn't be detected until 11-16 weeks. Basically they sent me home with no hope and I cried for days, but my intuition tells me my baby is still alive, it's been a week and still no mischarge, has this ever happened to anyone? Any happy endings out there?

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i didnt want to read and run. i have never been through this, im sorry. ill be praying for you and your lo

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I'm not trying to lead you on or give you false hope, however I had my first appt in oct and I was about seven weeks. My bloodwork was perfect and everything we went to see the babies heartbeat and she could not hear it and told me that the yolk sac was too big and that there was no heartbeat. Even though before she tried to hear it she said she seen it. But nevertheless she left me in the room crying devastated and came back and told me that it wasn't a viable pregnancy and to schedule a d&c right away.. I couldn't bring myself to believe her and I decided to wait it out a little longer. I scheduled another appt at another hospital at eleven weeks and when they did the ultrasound it showed a healthy baby with a heartbeat moving around... I would have never known if I would have had the d&c so I decided to go against my doctor... This is just my story I'm not guaranteeing anything but science doesn't always have the aNswer.. So good luck

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