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Anyone without their OH for this pregnancy?

I was just curious if any other women were going through this pregnancy without their OH?...

My OH and I broke up in August right after out first daughter's 1st birthday, and not long after finding out number 2 was on the way. With Christmas nearing, and finding it harder to do stuff and have enough energy to run after my daughter all the time, I'm really starting to find it hard to cope.

If anyone else if going through this, how have you been feeling? How have you been coping with it? And better yet, how is your relationship with him at this moment?

I'm really struggling, and I know a lot of it is also my hormones... but it would be nicd to know I'm not the only one going through this or feeling this badly.

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Hey DessyMarie, although I'm not going through this situation now I thought I'd reply as I can really empathise with you on this. I am currently pregnant again and with my first daughter my partner cheated on me when I was almost 6 months pregnant of course I was devastated and we split up for the rest of the pregnancy and have since reconciled, that was over 3 and a half years ago since we got back together now and we are now expecting another. It's a horrible time to be alone because like you said your hormones are all over the place which is only exaggerating feelings and emotions. It's also hard like you said to manage with a big bump and all the ailments that accompany pregnancy! The only thing you have on your side is that you have done this before (with your oh) but I mean being pregnant and raising a child so you have the experience and confidence that you will need to do it again. Just keep positive and do your best and your worries im sure will pale into insignificance when your gorgeous baby is here xxx

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