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Switching from Midwife to Doctor - RANT

I am NOT happy about having to switch from my midwife to a doctor. Me and the hubby went to our prenatal appointment this morning, and my blood pressure, which has been getting steadily higher, reached the limit. My midwife told me that she's going to have to transfer me to a doctor. ... again, NOT happy about this. I've 3 weeks to go and it's not the sort of thing I needed to hear.

This is my first child. I am a natural worrywart. This does not help my blood pressure. My dad's side of the family suffers from high blood pressure and until now, I've been lucky to be exempt from the "condition". I had an ultrasound yesterday and I'm glad the baby's fine but damn it, this changes a lot of things. I want a natural child birth and at the hospital I'm going to and where this doctor is... is VERY pushy when it comes to pushing drugs on people. I do NOT want an epidural. You know how some people are claustrophobic? How they completely freak out? I cannot stomach the idea of being numb from the neck down and not being able to feel... I can't stand that loss of control. I'm the type of person who can't even allow myself to get drunk. Tipsy, yes, but once I start to feel even a little "buzz", I stop.

I have warned my hubby that if anyone TRIES to come at me with a needle, I cannot be held responsible for smacking it out of their damn hands.

*sigh* Yes, this is a rant. I know enough to know that I'm frightened. People keep telling me to relax... I don't know how to. I guess all my life I've always been filled with nervous energy. I've always had to exhaust myself mentally to fall asleep. Pregnancy hormones don't help. ... like now. My cat just pawed at me and lightly grazed me with his claw tips like he always does. I usually scold him lightly and raise my voice a little. ... I just hissed at him and grabbed the water spray bottle to threaten him. ... He ran away, startled. Now I feel terrible. Ugh!

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Hi Kate!

I'm going to be shooting for a natural childbirth in the hospital with a family practice doctor (he's a resident) this fall. BTW, I had high blood pressure at my last delivery and had to be put on magnesium, which I hated and really want to avoid this time.

Is it possible that you could select the doctor that will be overseeing your care, and look for one who is NCB-friendly?

If you haven't read Natural Hospital Birth by Cynthia Gabriel, I really recommend it. It might give you some ideas on turning down unnecessary interventions.

Also, carefully read the hospital consent forms that they'll want you to sign, and stipulate that you do not consent to Pitocin, an epidural, pain medication, or episiotomy, that they must seek and obtain your verbal consent when the intervention is offered. Find a copy of the hospital's patient rights & responsibilities and learn it like the back of your hand.

I'm sorry that you're losing your midwife, but I hope that there's a way for you to still salvage something close to the birth you wanted. Good luck!

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Don't worry they won't force an epidural on you... I can relate to not wanting that loss of control & while I ended up having to be induced I managed it on G&A

For high blood pressure I would recommend magnesium & remove as much sodium from your diet as possible... No added salt to foods, no take outs, no chips, nothing salty & it will drastically lower your bp.

Good luck.

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