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Hey guys......still in hospital here as contractions are really strong and really painful. They can't stop them but they also aren't opening my cervix as yet so we are kind of stuck as in lots of pain but happy cervix not moving yet. They say I can go home tomorrow as long a cervix still not open on strict bed rest if I feel I can deal with the pain at home. To be honest i just want to get home. No idea when these contractions will progress but they seem to think they will soon rather than later but would like to get me a bit further on if they can so home hopefully tomorrow.

And related to what you guys are saying from what I have read some women don't ever feel BH contractions and some feel them like ALL the time it just depends.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and hope you aren't dreading your Mondays too much!

It was so funny last night the woman in the bed next to me in the hospital was having contractions , she was full term but not dilated yet. She used gas and air ALL night and was high as a kite by this morning she was just slurring her words and making no sense whatsoever.........she started to speak like a little child it was so funny......oh the small things that can keep you amused from your hospital bed. The midwife told her to "give the gas and air a little rest" several times in the night and she pretended to when the midwife was there then kept sneeking it when she went away! :-)

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Hope everything continues ok and you get home.

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Twinkle, I am glad you aren't dilating and it looks like you might get to go home!

I probably have 5-ish bh a day, but they don't hurt. They usually happen when I am extra active, or when I am getting my son buckled/unbuckled from his car seat. Sometimes it is uncomfortable though and it feels like I can't straighten up right.

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I think I've had maybe one BH.

Twinkle I'm glad you are not dilating. I hope baby stays put for a long while!

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Twinkle, I hope you get to go home soon...glad your cervix isn't opening up!

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Fx baby stays put for a while twinkle.

I had some awful pains this morning. For the past few days had period like pains then this morning horrendous back and stomach aches. Couldn't work out if it was baby related or just a dodgy tummy. I did end up with the runs too, sorry gross! Had a consultants appt at half 9 anyway so we went in. Dh actually did think i was in labour but i told him think labour is worse. Dr didn't seem concerned. Said it's just a practice, to rest and drink lots of fluids. Appt went well, finally feel like i am being monitored the way i should be. May be induced after 37 weeks due to all the issues i've had. The main one they are concerned with is that my platelets are low, i was the least concerned about that!! Appt on the 5th sep to decide whether to induce or not. Eek, it's all getting close now!

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Twinkle.. i hope bub stays put for a little while longer for you, we are at similar dates and cant imagine my dh if i had the same he already climbs the walls even if bub makes a sudden movement lol 5th sept! Thats crazyly close to u meeting ur bub! I still have 8 weeks if i go the 40 and mine seems like forever actually slightly jealous hehe! Im secretly hoping bub might wanna show up at 37 weeks...

Afm...well im feeling huge...i didnt swim for near enough two weeks and since my 30 week scan..being told to eat well cause bub will now put on a lot of weight, my healthy diet fell abruptly out the window : / whoops...

Also as for saying about not feeling BH...i had about 5 today! Bub seems to have flipped sides now so his back is on the left with his foot pushing out on the right which is feeling quite uncomfortable!

Im wishing away the weeks now..anyine else the same or is it just me??

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I'm definitely wishing the weeks away at the moment. I've got 4 weeks left at work, and work are being so difficult right now. I've got the same, if not increased, caseload I had pre-pregnancy. It's all physical work with a lot of bending and kneeling and squeezing into small/cluttered spaces. I started at 8.30am this morning, by 11am I was nearly in tears with the pain in my back. I keep saying to them that I can't keep doing it but they're not listening. Really don't want to have to go off sick but its looking to be my only option if this continues.

Sorry to sound like I'm constantly moaning. Just feeling a bit let down.

Hope you've managed to go home twinkle. And that bubs of yours stays put for just a bit longer!

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I keep telling myself I only have 5-10 weeks left. I know its important for her to fully cook but I'm so miserable and ready to meet her that I definitely wouldn't mind if she was a bit early. Not too early, of course, but early enough I don't rip my hair out with anxiety and misery.

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I am wishing away the weeks too! I am so excited (and nervous!!) for her to be here. I just want to have everything done first- we still have to get a bassinet and a carseat and finish the nursery. I technically have 6 weeks left, but they will induce early around week 38 or 39 because of my GD. I hope we pick a date soon so I can have a count down!!

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