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Any other mums with kidney problems?

Hi, this is my first post so i'm very new to this . Heres a little back story before I ask my question.
Before I fell pregnant with my daughter (due 20/05/13) I was diagnosed with Hypertension, I was seeing a cardiologist monthly. Stress tests were my weak point, I'm twenty and I couldn't run on a treadmill for more than 3minutes before my blood pressure got too high and they thought I'd pass out, haha. My cardiologist thought I had a renal stenosis, were my arteries were to thin so the blood has to pump faster to make my kidneys work. I went for a renal ultrasound and what they found surprised everyone. I have a 12x10x11cm cyst coming out of my right kidney, pretty much putting me into renal failure but when we found out this I also found out I was pregnant. The cardiologist really wished I wasn't pregnant.
So now I go to antenatal appointments every week for renal physicians and urologists. I have been tested for cancer numerous times due to hormone changes, I have chronic renal colic and every urine test I do Is pretty much blood. I've been admitted to hospital so many times always fearing that they'll tell me I will have to lose my baby just to save me, which is a lot for a 20 yr old to handle hahaha.
I've had so many MRI's and ultrasounds it isn't funny.
I am now 30 weeks pregnant, my last ultrasound showed that my cyst has changed and is looking tumourous. Which means more cancer tests, yay hahaha.
I only have ten more weeks until I meet my beautiful baby girl and finally get to have my operation on my kidney.
The operation is a removal of my kidney.

So I was wondering has any other mum out there had a kidney removed before?
Did it affect your health a lot? Did it affect your ability to have more kids or any kids? Because I really want more children after my first and If the kidney removal means I can't because of complications I don't know what I'd do.
Any sort of info would be lovely
Any comments would be appreciated
Especially if anyone has ever gone through anything similar before.

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