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Pregnant (Expecting)
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food poisoning or pregnant!!

oh gosh im too scared to test but need to get this off my chest.
I think im pregnant again! my boy is only 4 months!! only had sex 2 times since he was born!! last time was Jan 24!! ive been feeling off for a few days, yesterday got the spins and was puking all night, it has carried into today (nautious still) Smells are really getting me. every time i think if tea tree oil I gag. my OH put on calogne the other day and i felt like i was going to lose my marbles, I cried cause my daughter was singing!! is this hormones retreating to normal?! Im not sure. it feels like somethings in there, i swear. I am way too scared to test, I mean 4 kids!! id be losing my marbles. lol. thanx for listening to my off topicness.

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