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Im 21 OH 24
Im a spanish lawyer and OH is a retail manager.

I have 2 angel babies, one from unplanned pregnancy at 18. baby Joseph, born too early at 22w6d.

Then started to TTC November 2011, got a first cycle, but ended in a CP

Since then I haven't a bfp until cycle #16, natural on 02/04

Not exactly sure how far we are but think we're around 5 weeks, scan next wednesday! Due 14th December

We are to call our rainbow baby Heidi Jayne if pink, or Ollie Andrew if blue

Praying for a sticky bean, no major symptoms as of yet

Congrats everyone

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Yes indeedy

My birthday is on 22/12/13 u just never know!!

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[QUOTE=Amy89;26699025]Hi ladies! Thought we'd start a thread for everyone who's due in December 2013. Share your symptoms, thoughts, funny mo's, and ask as many questions as you want!
Tell us a bit about yourself, how long you've been TTC, how old are you & OH, got any names picked out, etc
Share the date of your BFP and your Due Date & I'll pop them up on this post

Congrats everyone Im due around the 5th, Had my BFP the 30th of march Been TTC for a year in all this is my 4th time pregnant so FX this works out! Im 26 OH 25 and we don't have any names yet!

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I've gotten a really early BFP due Christmas Eve, although I am wondering if I ovulated earlier with how early I've gotten the BFP. So I am tentatively posting, I'm not even due on until Thursday!!!!

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Hello awesome mommys.
I just register myself here and trying to find some timepass in forums to share this wonderful time with some of you. You have to excuse my sometimes strange English cause its not my everyday writing language.

I found out not long time ago that i'm expecting our second baby

First doctor thought that im 7+ weeks pregnant and due in november but yesterday in the first ultrasound she was sure that im 6+1 weeks along and due on 5th december.

small tiny heart was beating and that was all i needed to feel happy in any duedate

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:BFP: 6th april due 13th December 2013

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I'm due around December 1st according to my lmp .

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Hi girls, congrats with your pregnancies, I'm actually due 30 Nov but as I'm closer in due date to some of you girls in this group than the November group ill hang about in here too if that's ok

H&H 9 months

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Don't forget me !!!! 18th December! Love the name choice Amy xx

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Hello!! I'm 31, Hubs is almost 42, have two children , Mia 9 ( from a previous marriage) and Jacob 2 in June. This will be my third (and second baby with hubby) I've been a stay at home mummy since I had Jacob , I was previously a supervisor in a Montessori Nursery, so it's nice to be pregnant and not work as I really struggled in my llast pregnancy!

BFP on 8th April, Estimated due date 9th Dec . No names picked out, just nicknamed bean for now. I can think of a ton of names for both a boy or a girl it's just hubby who's the fussy one!

So far I'm v tired, slightly sore boobies , getting worse by the day! Tea tastes foul! Oh and the tears have started much to hubby's dismay, I cry at least once a day over something!

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