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goldstns Annabelle is breast fed so Im no hope with how much to give for last feed sorry hope someone can help you with that. Maybe do a full bottle see how much she will take If she finishes it and still seems hungry do another oz If she doesnt finish it note how much she has taken and then you know what to make

Emily It is a private group add me on Fb and I will invite you to the group My names Anita Carr

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We're good here! Felicity is just over 15.5lbs. Still just breast fed (expressed bottles when I'm at work). We're waiting to start solids til closer to 6mos. Planning to do baby led weaning, so no baby food over here! (within reason, will probably do some that I make just for variety). Dr. said I may want to give some formula at 6mos to get her extra iron. I looked at her like she was bat shit crazy. BFing is going so well. LO has held her growth perfectly. We'll get iron through fortified cereal if needed, but I don't see the point in introducing formula to a baby that's EBF and doing so well.
She goes down between 6:45 and 7:15 each night, wakes around 1:30 to eat, then back down til 6:45 - 7:15am. Had a few nights of two feedings this past week, but I think it was just a spurt, and she had a cough that would wake her up sometimes and I think she'd wake up and realize that maybe she wanted to eat. Course my LO also has happy hour frequently, and by that I mean she wakes up around 4. Doesn't cry, just blows raspberries, laughs, squeels and enjoys overall merriment for no particular reason in the dark. It's adorable. Except when I'm exhausted and just want peace! Just keep reminding myself it could be SOOO much worse. LOVE being a mommy!

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That's silly he suggested formula at 6 months. Like you said, iron fortified cereal maybe or just a simple iron supplement. No need for formula.

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