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I love the FB announcement picture wavescrash. We have our first scan next Wednesday morning. One week to go!

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Morning girls, yeh I have really bad headachhes everyday.
Hope ur all ok.
I'm always so tired
Less than a week til my scan. x

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Morning ladies

My MS seems to be at its peak now since yesterday I have been feeling sick to a point where it even wakes me from my sleep.

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Originally Posted by LisK View Post
Anyone else have a scan coming up this week? I have my NT scan on Friday.
Originally Posted by Nikkilewis14 View Post
Aug 27th is my 12 week nt scan!
Nikki my NT scan (CUBS) is the same day lol, mine is 11:00 - I will be 12w5d

Exciting - lots of scans coming up in the next few weeks -hope we all get to see lovely healthy bouncing babies in there

My older boys go back to school tomorrow -and actually for once, I feel the holidays have flown past (thankfully as I got my BFP a week before they stopped lol ) So off to barbers today, making sure their bags are packed and ready and getting some back to school photos (just in case there isn't time tomorrow morning with all the rush lol)

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Originally Posted by Lionchild View Post
I'm so sorry for your loss, Mrs. Stu. I hope you are able to hold your baby soon (adoption or however it ends up).

Welcome sharan and Lady Gecko! We have the same due date, Lady Gecko.

Shabutie-Congrats on the healthy scan!!

I have a scan this Friday just to check everything is ok x

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Seems ages away til my next scan, by then I'll be 13+4.
Not seeing MW again til 5th September either, sometimes the waits in between things seems to last forever.

Luckily for me I've lost any early symptoms, just tired every now and again but to be fair I guess it depends how many times I'm up at night and what we're up to during the day.

We've been talking about names, early I know, but its fun with the kids. So far Jessica or Nate are in the lead. I've got strong pink feelings again, if so that's girl #5 for us with just 1 boy (my stepson)

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Old Aug 14th, 2013, 07:11 AM   2597
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I had no MS yesterday at all after extreme MS all weekend...maybe it was the grand finale because I feel good so far today. I was kinda nervous that it would just stop and not ease up gradually but baby sounds fine on the doppler. Maybe my hcg is starting to decline, I know that starts to happen between 9-10 weeks.

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Lol w dd my ms went away for a few days and always came back w a vengeance lol, hopefully thats not ur case ladies!

No s today here either maybe the ms gods thought it would give us a break for a day lol.

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Morning ladies!!!

My scan is Sept 5th and I'm very excited about it!!! DH will be coming with me so I'm excited to get to see our little baby together!

Oh man...not sure if anyone has suffered from this yet but...I remember it happening with my daughter so I thought I'd share because it's awful and painful and don't want any 1st timer's to think they're miscarrying but...last night..I think I ate too quickly which resulted in me having some stomach pains...I think I then had like trapped wind because before I knew i was hunched over in so much pain I could barely felt like period cramps x50.....I remembered this with DD so I got on all fours and then bend my elbows so my butt was up in the air and just rocked back and forth for a took like a good hour for everything to subside. Oh was ya...if that happens ladies don't's trapped wind and you'll be ok!

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I have a viability scan this coming Monday the 19th. I had one on the 5th where we saw the heartbeat at 6.1. The measurements were right on (both sac and fetal pole measuring 6.1), which was great, but the heartbeat was on the low side. Despite the fact that this statistically gives me a much higher risk of MC, I'm staying positive that we're going to see a healthy heartbeat on Monday. My HCG levels have gone up, so hopefully, that's a good sign!

Good luck on your scans ladies!!

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