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Pregnant (Expecting)
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I've gotten myself into quite the situation...

Ok, so I'm 29 weeks, 4 days pregnant today. My due date is Sept 14th. I had no idea when my last period was, all I knew was that it was in the beginning of dec sometime. I told my doctor this at my first apt which was jan 18. He said from the u/s the baby looked to be about 10 weeks, 2 days. Here's where it gets a little bf and I had been broken up for about 6 months and I had been talking to someone else for quite some time..things got pretty serious and we ended up sleeping together several times from dec 14-20...there were a few occasions (2 in which I can remember) that he "slid it in" a few times was only for a few seconds and he didn't ejaculate inside of bf and I saw each other at a party and ended up sleeping together on the 22nd--23rd cuz it was 1-2 in the AM. My bf did ejaculate inside me...I started having symptoms on jan 4th, found out I was preg jan 10th...the dr used the little wheel thing and determined that I got pregnant on the dec 22nd...I've been honest with both men about the different possibilities...I guess I'm just asking for some advice on who you guys think the father of my child could be. I feel absolutely terrible about the whole situation...please, no rude comments, just need some advice...thank you.

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Hi Hun, I think that if the other guy didn't go inside you and your bf did, there's a huge chance it's your bf! Also, the dates back that up I genuinely think its your bf.
Also, I remember at university, a professor actually said that unconsciously, a woman can make the choice between 2 males sperm...not sure how scientifically accurate that is though. Anyways, I'd try and not stress about it, there's nothing you can do - so why worry? Xx

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Firstly, well done for being so honest. It does sound to me as though your boyfriend is the most likely biological father as women *tend* to ovulate (therefore conceive) 14 ish days after the first day of their lmp. Definitely worth a DNA test though just to be sure. Good luck!

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