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Originally Posted by jenmcn1 View Post
Also I've been extremely gassy, and If I don't eat I start to feel nauseous.
that was me exactly with DS!

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Morning all!

I seem to have my 'super smell' back already, I can smell everything again.

DS and I are off to the beach today, it's slowly warming up here. X

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Hope you are all feeling less nauseous today. I defiantly am at the moment. Got my first MW appointment on Wednesday where ill be 6 weeks but in the 7th (if that makes sence)

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Still no symptoms here, same as last time though. I didn't get MS till 5-6 weeks & it was very mild. I didn't get tired at all & really had no other symptoms until I developed SPD around 28 weeks, I was quite lucky really! I loved being pregnant!

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Hi everyone,
I'm due 4th June with my second baby. My little boy is 25 months old.
It's challenging already running around after a toddler as I'm just constantly tired at the minute!

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Ok, my super smell is back, too. Which means nausea is kicking in. With DD I rare ever actually got sick, but with DS, I vomited between 3 and 10 times a day until 25 weeks. Hoping this one isnt that bad

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