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Social Services & Just giving birth need reassureing

I'm you can say bit of a worrier and this is most probs only chance i can have a child,I spoke to support Worker(who deals with my housing and helping me with other stuff on side.There is couple q's ild like to ask if any of you know answers to! thank you
* I have anorexia,My support worker was going on about if i was low Weight while Pregnant social services would be involved (im not underweight midwife said im perfect weight)So no worries there i cut out alcohol soon i found out as well eating 3-4 meals a day its hard but i do it! so agian no need to involve them.I'm mainly worried about if health care(nhs) midwifes know i have Anorexia im scared they will take my baby away from me from birth or after,yeah i admit might slip little back into it without noticing but not that much!as im trying control it best i can for my child*

*another q i have is ncc Norwich council are treating me with Eviction dounno if it will happen but can social services do anything if im in hotel till i get a place (the ncc pays for it so stupid) ta for all ur help sorry to be a pain

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