View Poll Results: What should our name be for our August babies?
August Sunbeams 15 17.86%
August Sunflowers 17 20.24%
August Beach Babes 5 5.95%
August Gladiolas 1 1.19%
August Rainbows 4 4.76%
August Sunsets 6 7.14%
August Rays of Sunshine 2 2.38%
August Lollipops 2 2.38%
August Sunshines 5 5.95%
August Sunbears 3 3.57%
August Bloomers 5 5.95%
August Blossoms 9 10.71%
August Peridots 0 0%
August Poppies 4 4.76%
August Dolls 0 0%
August Divas 0 0%
August BabyMamas 6 7.14%
August Aphrodites 0 0%
Voters: 84. You may not vote on this poll

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August '14 Sunflowers. 27 angels. 48 pink, 28 blue. 74 HERE!!

Please feel free to join!! I will add your username and due date to the front page, and as we find out... genders and arrival dates!!!

August 2014 babies are ARRIVING!!
mysteriouseye- Due 8/3, Bella Maria arrived 6/24/14 at 34w2d weighing 4lbs 6oz

princess_1991- Due 8/21, River Alice Maggie and Rosalie Edie Susan arrrived 7/12/14 at 34w2d weighing 5lbs 5oz and 5lbs

LittleMinx- Due 7/30, Brooke Amelia arrived 7/16/14 at 38 weeks weighing 8lbs 6oz

squirrel- Due 8/9, Isla Sophia arrived 7/18/14 at 36w6d weighing

Buttons_01- Due 8/2, Kobey Marshall arrived 7/20/14 at 38w1d weighing 5lbs 13oz

flagirlie7- Due 8/5, Yuna Elise and Liam Alexander arrived 7/21/14 at 37w6d weighing 5lbs 13oz and 6lbs

xEmmaDx- Due 8/11, Jamie William arrived 7/22/14 at 37w1d weighing 5lbs 11.5oz

glbaby1- Due 8/2, Brooklyn Michonne arrived 7/22/14 at 38w3d weighing 5lbs 13oz

WanaBaba- Due 7/29, Sophie Marie arrived 7/22/14 at 39 weeks weighing 7lbs 11oz

DenyseGiguere- Due 8/2, Gracie Barbara Joan arrived 7/25/14 at 38w6d weighing 7lbs 15oz

Damita- Due 7/30, turned Charlie George arrived 7/28/14 at 39w5d weighing 6lbs 15oz

HWPG- Due 8/4, Aleksandr Julian arrived 7/28/14 at 39 weeks weighing 8lbs 12oz

lorojovanos- Due 8/22, Avery Veronica and Max Richard Frank arrived 7/29/14 at 36w4d weighing 6lbs 2oz and 6lbs 10oz

SBCookie21- Due 8/1, Mason Leon Douglas arrived 7/30/14 at 39w5d weighing 7lbs 13oz

flyingduster- Due 8/8, turned Piper Catherine arrived 8/1/14 at 39 weeks weighing 7lbs 8oz

bump#1- Due 8/4, Charlotte Sophia Grace arrived 8/1/14 at 39w4d weighing 8lbs 4oz

Lois22- Due 8/1, arrived 8/1/14 at 40 weeks weighing

patchey- Due 8/6, arrived 8/1/14 at 39w2d weighing

MichelleW- Due 8/8, Emily Edith arrived 8/1/14 at 39 weeks weighing 8lbs 6oz

navywag- Due 8/4, Zachary Jason Edward arrived 8/2/14 at 39w5d weighing 8lbs

purplespecs- Due 8/17, Benjamin Neil arrived 8/3/14 at 38 weeks weighing 7lbs 14oz

toffee87- Due 7/31, William Thomas arrived 8/3/13 at 40w3d weighing 9lbs 1oz

emicakess- Due 8/4, Maybel Jean arrived 8/4/14 at 40 weeks weighing 9lbs 1oz

AerisandAlex- Due 8/7, Logan Robert arrived 8/4/14 at 39w4d weighing 6lbs 15oz

Rizzo Rizzie- Due 8/9, Nathaniel Owen arrived 8/4/14 at 39w2d weighing 7lbs 12oz

Ashley8806- Due 8/26, Braxton Jay arrived 8/5/14 at 37 weeks weighing 6lbs 14.6oz

ChristiansMum- Due 8/6, Alfie Raymond Davis arrived 8/6/14 at 40 weeks weighing 6lbs 15oz

AMB2013- Due 8/22, Miles West arrived 8/6/14 at 37w5d weighing 8lbs 3oz

Arlandria- Due 7/30, Marlie Grace arrived 8/7/14 at 41w1d weighing 8lbs 6oz

modified- Due 8/21, Pixie Maggie Lua arrived 8/7/14 at 38 weeks weighing 4lbs 4oz

Florabean1981- Due 8/13, Aria Rosie arrived 8/8/14 at 39w2d weighing 7lbs 4oz

bananabump- Due 8/31, Gracie Iris May arrived 8/8/14 at 36w5d weighing 6lbs 3oz

Literati_Love- Due 8/8, Nevada Leanne arrived 8/8/14 at 40 weeks weighing 8lbs 11oz

mirandaprice- Due 8/11, James Andrew arrived 8/8/14 at 39w4d weighing 7lbs 15oz

Jett55- Due 8/29, Elisha Abner arrived 8/8/14 at 37 weeks weighing 4lbs 11oz

addy1- Due 8/5, Grady arrived 8/9/14 at 40w4d weighing 8lbs 9oz

Klara0412- Due 8/3, turned Theodore arrived 8/9/14 at 40w6d weighing 9lbs 6oz

mrsswaffer- Due 8/10, turned Piper Joy arrived 8/11/14 at 40w1d weighing 6lbs 7.5oz

LoveCakes- Due 8/10, turned Phoebe Sarah arrived 8/11/14 at 40w1d weighing 8lbs 10oz

Soulshaken- Due 8/13, Kaylanie Mae arrived 8/11/14 at 39w5d weighing 7lbs 9oz

BabyBug- Due 8/11, Olivia Rose arrived 8/12/14 at 40w1d weighing 8lbs 4oz

Jazzbird- Due 8/12, Autumn Elizabeth arrived 8/12/14 at 40 weeks weighing

LilyInk- Due 8/11, Braxton Des arrived 8/13/14 at 40w2d weighing

clynn11- Due 8/1, Zuri Lynn arrived 8/13/14 at 41w5d weighing 7lbs 14oz

ellitigg- Due 8/1, Rowan Sophia arrived 8/14/14 at 41w6d weighing 6lbs

nlb- Due 8/24, Elizabeth Anne arrived 8/15/14 at 38w5d weighing 6lbs 14oz

KirbyT16- Due 8/14, Harper Amelia arrived 8/15/14 at 40w1d weighing 7lbs 15oz

biscuitgal- Due 8/24, Ruby Jackson arrived 8/15/14 at 38w5d weighing 8lbs 7.4oz

KcApple- Due 8/11, arrived 8/16/14 at 40w5d weighing 9lbs 3oz

mel28nicole- Due 8/19, Ashlin Noel arrived 8/17/14 at 39w5d weighing 8lbs 7oz

vespersonicca- Due 8/6, turned Gaia Serafina arrived 8/17/14 at 41w4d weighing 8lbs 3oz

tori0713- Due 8/12, Isabelle Therese arrived 8/17/14 at 40w5d weighing 8lbs 2oz

Tracie87-Due 8/6, Austin Patrick arrived 8/17/14 at 41w4d weighing 7lbs 9oz

MomWife- Due 8/24, Joshua arrived 8/17/14 at 39 weeks weighing 7lbs 12oz

MummyJade- Due 8/11, Lottie-Andee arrived 8/18/14 at 41 weeks weighing 7lbs 15oz

lilmissmup- Due 8/19, Madeleine Leah arrived 8/18/14 at 39w6d weighing

Bellybump89- Due 8/30, Jude Hannon Alexander arrived 8/18/14 at 38w2d weighing 8lbs 7oz

Wanna007- Due 8/9, Taraoluwa Sophia arrived 8/18/14 at 41w2d weighing 7lbs

JJsmom- Due 8/29, Vivian Leigh arrived 8/21/14 at 38w6d weighing 8lbs 12oz

Serenyx- Due 8/27, Isabelle Alexis arrived 8/21/14 at 39w1d weighing 6lbs 5oz

linz143- Due 8/22, Rosalie Piper arrived 8/22/14 at 40 weeks weighing 8lbs 14oz

pootle33- Due 8/21, Rowan William arrived 8/25/14 at 40w4d weighing 8lbs 3oz

MrsT&Ben- Due 8/23, arrived 8/25/14 at 40w2d weighing 9lbs 14oz

MrsBaby2- Due 8/30, , arrived 8/26/14 at 39w3d weighing 7lbs 12oz

ButterflyLuvx- Due 8/27, arrived 8/27/14 at 40 weeks weighing 6lbs 6oz

sore-boobs- Due 8/25, Molly arrived 9/1/14 at 41w1d weighing 9lbs 2oz

KitteyKat2010- Due 8/28, Sophia Lynn arrived 9/2/14 at 40w5d weighing 7lbs 5oz

Babies born (saw some sort of update in another thread/third tri threads)- awaiting information updates from mamas!
Rainbow gems- Due 8/5,
ms.tjulz- Due 8/5,

suesue- Due 8/26, weighing 6lbs 3oz
schmetterling- Due 8/26, turned

Lost little ones, Never Forgotten
hopefulfor1st- 12/5
darkriver- 12/5
lesh07- 12/6
teacup- 12/8
silverbell 12/15
leinzlove- 12/20
VivianJean- 12/21
victoria1987- 12/24
Allstar- 12/29
PeachDaisy- 12/31
katestar53- 1/6
PnkPolkaDots- 1/7
Jbaby90- 1/9
Soulshaken- 1/10 (blighted ovum) (collapsed sac)
Maisypie- 1/10
Luvspnk31- 1/14
Ashley8806- 1/15 (lost twin)
Reyrey7- 1/17
KirinM- 1/24
Buckles- 1/24
dan-o- 1/27
suzielou3- 1/29
Sheffie- 2/?
2have4kids- 2/13
LilFooshFoosh- baby born sleeping 3/22/14
28329- Due 8/8, Dilys Rose, arrived 8/15/14 at 41 weeks weighing 8lbs 11oz, born sleeping

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No other August due dates yet?? I know I found out early but come on ladies! Love to have some buddies in here!

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I'm due 1st August too, but bubs will be born the end of July via c-section.

How are you feeling? I'm so tired and the waves of nausea are awful xx

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Still due in August! We should be going through milestones together so it'd be awesome for you to hang in the group

I'm extreeeemely tired. Been sleeping A LOT. Havee gotten some random waves of nausea but nothing too horrible. We went grocery shopping and the smell of tortillas made me gag. LOL!

Is this your first?

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Aww thanks hun, I'll stick around then x

No this is number 4 for me! 1 with my ex and soon to be 3 with my OH. Feels like I'm starting again though as my youngest is 4 now.
You must be so excited with it being your 1st x

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How exciting!!! I want a large family! Like 5 children. Possibly adopting too. But I am so extremely ecstatic that we finally got our BFP I never thought it would happen!!

Awe your lil 4 year old is probably going to be soooo excited to have a little brother or sister!!!

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Hoping lots of lovely ladies will be getting their BFPs and joining us!

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Well my nausea has gone to a whole new level

Isn't it funny to think that lots of the August babies haven't even been conceived yet?! Sure we will get some new ladies in here soon xx

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I know right?! I found out at 10dpo so was pretty early! Excited to see some more ladies get their BFPs!!

I threw up for my first time this morning, but thinking it was because I took my prenatal on an empty stomach. Definitely not doing that again

Hope you feel better soon

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