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Great idea!

I'm Shannon. I have a 3 year old named Victoria "Tori" and am due May 4th with #2! We know the sex but have kept it a secret from everyone but ourselves. Hoping for a VBAC and getting really anxious! Full term already in 53 days!

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Originally Posted by LiLi2 View Post
This is so great! I love seeing all the early 3rds coming out of the woodwork.

MrsGax, hooray - a due date buddy!

MacNYellow - how funny! Elliot was supposed to be my name if I had been a boy so I am a bit attached to it. Love it!

Should I update the first post with our date and weight (and gender for team yellows) guesses so we can look back later and find them?
Yeah I think that's a good idea can't wait to see how close we get to our guesses
Love this thread!

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Hey everyone! So lovely to see so many familiar faces!

I'm 27+6 and am due on May 15th. This is my second bubs, but we have decided to not find out the gender; I'm constantly looking at old wives tales for hints on what it could be!

This pregnancy was going really fast, but now it's slowed right down! I keep on reading all the labour watch posts and am getting really excited / impatient!

My prediction is 6lb 8oz, boy, and arrival date probably 29th May knowing my luck

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Hi everyone! I'm 27+3 and due May 18th.

For the last week or so I've been feeling absolutely knackered again (although my blood pressure has dropped so that might be why) and heavy, and as I have a short body bubs is filling up all available space! Everytime I eat a meal it's like my stomach is in my throat lol!

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Hi everyone

I'm 27+3 and due on May 18th!
This is baby number 2,, and we have been told at 2 scans that bubba is a girl, I already have a little boy who's almost 20 months!
Not bought much yet lol, but we are going to be buying stuff soon lol, we do have a lot from when our son was newborn tho so not too bad lol!

My guess is that baby will be born May 14th, weighing about 7lb

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Hola, chicas! I'm a FTM, 36, 29+5 today and I still have the 2nd tri buzz. Not that I have lots of energy, just feeling generally chipper and not too cumbersome yet. I'm going to get my butt off the sofa for change and take the bus into town as I am in desperate need of cosmetics and if I buy some baby clothes I'll stop wasting money on ebay (the clothes are cheap but the postage isn't). We're expecting a little girl - checked twice, so they'd BETTER be right! - on May 2nd.

If we're guessing baby weights, I reckon Maia will arrive at least a week late and be a 9lb-er or more.

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Great thread idea! I'm 27 weeks with a little girl and just moved over to 3rd tri! I'm due may 19th but convinced I'll be overdue (my mum was with all her babies). I'm going to predict this baby will be 7lb6oz and will arrive May 25th

I've enjoyed the last few months and still feeling good, though I have some hip achiness after sleeping all night. I'm very petite so it already feels like she's kicking my lungs

Woke up this morning to a wet patch on my boob!! Heard this can happen in 3rd tri, but I JUST moved over lol! Shit's getting real

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Hi everyone

Im 31 weeks exactly - still not ready for labor chat just yet!

I'm 25 (26 in 2 weeks) I have a son who is 3, he will be 4 in May. I am due 23rd April and its another little boy
I'm going to guess he will be born 20th April and weigh 8lbs 5 hehe!

Hope everyone is keeping well! x

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Great idea! I was feeling a bit lost here and 2nd tri was a little behind me. I'm 28+1, having my 1st and it's a boy Feeling heavy and having heartburn, but feeling pretty good overall. Nice to see you all here

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Great thread idea

I'm 29 weeks today! With a Surpise bundle, literally no idea what he or she is hehe!

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