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Originally Posted by Dawnyybus View Post
My 12 week scan is the 30th June but I'm abit over paranoid and want a private scan... Any one know how much they roughly are in England, Worcestershire?? But my boyfriend said no to just wait.... I asked for a Doppler and he said no... I dunno what to do, I can't go another 4 weeks.....

Hope everyone is okiee today xxxxxx
I feel you! My original apt was on June 19th when I will be 10 weeks pregnant. I have been having some anxiety leading up to the appointment because I just want to know everything is ok. I haven't had any scans yet at all, haven't even seen the doctor. Today I called and mentioned that I had a previous miscarriage and was on and off having some light cramping on one side, and they told me to come in tomorrow. FX for all of us and our upcoming scans. Maybe you can call your doctor and ask for an earlier appointment?

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They wouldn't let me book a scan until my 8 weeks - so I go for my first one next Tuesday. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she confirmed my due date of January 20. I also got a prescription for the nausea. Is anyone else snacking non stop? I'm always snacking on plain foods -- melba toast, rye toast, cheese, yogurt...anything just to fill my stomach so I don't feel worse.

Aversions are intense though!! That is something I never could have imagined -- anyone else having those?

Also, just a question for the ladies with morning sickness/nausea. Do you find it changes daily? I was a wreck the last week, but then the last 2 days I have been slightly better (touch wood), but it does change daily.

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I got a script from my dr too for the nausea! Its helping, but I still find that I'm totally turned off from certain foods. Dh said 'no more kids after this' just because of the way I'm complaining about the nausea,lol. I never had any nausea, cravings or aversions to food when I was pregnant with my dd. But I think my nausea could be caused by meds I'm on, currently taking Progynova, which contains estrogen which also contributes to the nausea!

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