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Mum (Mom)
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This is my first and I'm due January 9th but have the feeling it will be a Christmas or new years baby... that or I'll go over and it will be the 13th only because mines July 13th and my mom's is November 13th.

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Mum (Mom)
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Hi, I'm due jan 9th. Dd1 was born at 34+5 & Dd2 was 38+5. I think I'll have this one between Christmas and new year xx

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I'm due (upto now) around 10th jan, almost certain I'll be early though, I'm hoping between Christmas & new year or even just before Christmas would be nice, I've had all mine early 39wks, 38wks & 38 1/2wks x

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Just have had my dates changed - now Due January 1st - so I'm officially a Jellybean! YAY!

Really hoping I actually AM a jellybean when it comes around, too

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