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I have a nearly hourly breastfeeder here - I get excited when she goes a whole two hours! But she has reflux so feeds are brief and a bit of a struggle as they're cut short by her burp/hiccup/vomit/scream routine and then the only way to settle her is another feed then we repeat the process...

My MIL tells me hubby slept through from 6 weeks and was breastfed though. But I think those are the lucky ones rather than the norm because it is digested far quicker and they tend to take smaller quantities per feed.

My girl also gets her hands far too involved in feeds and ends up batting my nipple away and sucking desperately on her hand then getting angry and confused It's hilarious and annoying in equal parts. Swaddling used to help but she fights the swaddle now and is insanely strong so either manages to free her arms or is so distracted by trying to free her arms that it's no longer worthwhile.

Her big sister is obsessed with her, it's the cutest thing ever apart from the fact she always goes over and wakes her up as soon as I've got her settled! Then looks up at me sheepishly "sorry Mummy, I just wanted to stroke her a little bit"

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Yeah I have heard some BF babies sleep long stretches from the start but also think it's an exception. Most babies also cluster feed (mine does) which is expected.
We swaddled my daughter till she was 4 months because her hands really bothered her but she still only went for 2-3 hours

Oh well, it's all temporary

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Hey everyone! Hubby and I were also in a sleepless fog until recently, so I hardly ever got any time to spend on the internet... But things are starting to look up. Little bug is now almost 6 weeks old but it's been a rough ride. We are breastfeeding and supplementing, as I had a very low supply (about 1/3 to 1/5 of what he needs daily... ) and at the beginning it took aaaaaages to feed him. He is still feeding every 3 hours like clockwork, but first we needed like an hour and a half to feed him (30-45 mins on the breast and another half hour with a bottle, plus nappie change) since he's a monumentally slow feeder. And then it would take another half hour to settle him on the few times that he slept in-between feedings... I was surviving on a couple of 20 minute naps, which was not pretty, lol. So we switched things around, got him high-flow bottles to shorten the feeding times, reduced the daily breastfeeding sessions (I checked with my pump and I make so little milk that I produce the same with 3 feedings instead of 8, plus constantly putting him on the breast all the time didn't change my supply at all during the first 4 weeks) and things are starting to look up.

We also tried swaddling too, but little bug really hates it! When I try to swaddle him he often gives a first kick, then gets this annoyed/confused expression on his face when he meets resistance, tries a couple more times and promptly starts screaming, lol. But he's also a very wriggly baby. He could get his hands out from a swaddle within minutes from day one, and I'm talking professional, hospital midwife swaddling here. He rolls to the side on his own (thankfully not from back to belly yet) and migrates all over his sleeping area. He ends up in weird angles in his crib and often straddles the chicco next2me divider from our bed. It's a good thing his mattress and ours are so tightly joined. So I guess the constriction from the swaddle bothers him more.

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Your little wriggler sounds like mine Quantea! He can also roll onto his side and would wake up in random positions in his crib Luckily he doesn't mind being swaddled, at first he'd try to break out of it but now he's used to it he instantly calms when it's on. I use one of those Swaddle Me wraps with the Velcro tabs because I'm useless at doing it with a normal blanket, he'd escape out of it ninja style within seconds of me putting him down

Other than some issues with trying to find a bottle/teat combo that works for him, Ben is all good Will be 5 weeks on Friday! The last few nights he has consistently slept a 7hr stretch followed by a feed and a further 3-4hrs of sleep. He's smiling a lot and we've had some seriously cute cooing noises from him but they're few and far between still. I'm loving this new baby stage this time round

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Hello Ladies...I created a parenting thread for our February Lovebugs of 2016.

Big smiles from Elijah

February Lovebugs of 2016 PARENTING <3

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Hi All. Can't believe our babies are nearly one :-) hope you're all well x

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