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BetterLate- great update! Sorry you had a difficult pregnancy but so glad he's doing well now!

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Hi there,

I'll be 7/8 weeks pregnant with #4 tomorrow (7 from ovulation, 8 from LMP), and I've got my first dating scan tomorrow, too. This will also be my fourth caesarean. I'm being referred to a high risk antenatal outpatients clinic for my first appt around 10 March.

I feel like I'm really pushing my luck after 3 healthy children and no confirmed miscarriages (I thought I had one in oct as period wasn't very late but bloods were neg)...hope I'm not 'due' for one! 😳😕🙏

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

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Good luck! Its been some time since I've been on this thread! Hope everyone is doing well!

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