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A little worried

Hello , the first day of my last period was June 24 . I had Bacterial V (BV ). And I took the medicine twice I now it says 5 days at bed time but it also says it can go away on its own and tonight I was going to start over I have been sexually active I kno its stupid but he been pulling out I honestly do not think I am pregnant but my period is never late it comes when it supposed to. If I counted correctly I am 7 days late. Last night we tried to have sex to make my period come down but I was experiencing some cramping now since I started my period I never had period cramps before and I was in so much pain my discharge has been yellow and clear but it looks not I blew my nose. I took a P test today and it said negative not sure if I tested too early or if having BV caused my period not too come what should I do it

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