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2016 May Miracles

Hello lovelies!

I'm looking forward to adding lots of little miracles to this thread.

I'll do more editing as we grow.

Estimated Due Dates

April 28th
Ganton- turned April 26th 5:45pm 8lbs. 6oz.

May 1st
drjo718- Nora ~ April 27th @ 1:41am 7lbs. 5oz.

May 2nd

May 3rd
cookielucylou- May 5th Daddy delivered

May 4th

May 5th
3to2inMay- hoping for

May 6th
nicole6212- Callia Melody via c-sec April 29th@ 9:21am 12lbs. 15oz.

May 8th
KrissyB- Dorothy Mae via c-sec May 2nd @ 8:39am 9lbs 21inches

May 10th

May 11th
ja14- Bennett ~ May 10th @ 4:10pm 6lbs 14 oz. 19 in.
crystal8 Molly via emergency c-sec April 27th @ 2:43pm

May 12th
Esperanza2015 Clarissa ~ May 7th 4.025 kilos 54cm (8lbs 8.7 oz. 21.25 in.)

May 13th

May 14th
Flossie_Aus- May 13th 7lbs. 4oz. 51cm

May 16th
Spiffynoodles- Levi ~ April 28th @ 12:55pm 6lbs. 10 oz. 19.75in.

May 17th
pinkpassion- Twin A Twin B May 13th via c-sec @ 8:13am 7lbs. 5oz. 19in.

May 20th

May 21st
NoodleHelm- April 19th @ 11:47am 7lbs. 8oz.

May 23rd
bakerh518- turned May 17th @ 8:33am ~ William James
sugargully- turned May 31st @ 12:36pm~ Isadora Nanette 8lbs. 2 oz. 20 in.

May 24th
febbride2012 welcomed May 8th @ 9:35 am

May 26th
Em260 Alexander via scheduled c-section May 19th 9lbs 8oz

May 27th
TTDuck Bridgit ~ May 16th @ 6:30am 7lbs. 15oz 20in.

May 28th
NZKiwi Finley Arlen Bernard Page via EMCS June 3rd

May 29th

May 30th

May 31st

Awaiting EDD

Our May Angels

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Hi busy, I'm moving over from the other thread to join you.

I'm due on May 1st. This is my 3rd baby and I'll be staying team yellow again for this one :-)

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Hi Ganton! Welcome!! Ooh I love that you are staying yellow as well.

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Hi ladies. I'm 32 years old, DH is 31 and after years of trying for a baby we are finally pregnant. Our May Miracle is due on the 18th of May. I went for my first beta 10dp5dt and the beta was 115.2, today I went for my second beta and I will only get the results on Monday because my clinic is closed on weekends. I'm optimistic but still nervous. We have two blasts put in.

No real symptoms just yet, except for very tender breasts, bowel movement has changed and I'm bloated and super emotional 🙈.

Looking forward to being in this thread.

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Hi N8ie

Congratulations you have had quite the journey!
Waiting on betas is the worst. I really pray that time flies for you.

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O I absolutely love the name!!!! I'm due May 17th, team yellow!!

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I'm due May 10th and will be finding out the gender in November!

Thanks for putting the new group together, busy I can make buttons if people are interested/have ideas!

Anyone have any dreams yet? Last night I dreamed DD was playing with another little girl. I had girl dreams with DD in the first trimester, so I'm curious to see if this is another sign!

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Hi everyone I'm due May 13th x I'm team pink other half is team blue could be both lol x

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Hi ladies and any new comers.

Still unsure of due date because of weird cycle lengths. Will be finding out gender when the time comes and will hopefully be able to let my PH tell me as a surprise .

oh I had a crazy dream of being sick. Come to think of it I'm not sure if I was actually nauseated in real life but didn't wake up. I probably am willing on ms for some bizarre reason. I had it so bad the first time. If anyone has it now.... ginger is a dream spice.

Not so many symptoms so far really. I will probably need a new bra soon. My puppies are hurting and spilling out.

Anyone planning on breastfeeding feeding? I did with my first for 2 years... maybe a bit too long cos he then started calling out for "booba".

Hope you are enjoying the weekend and I can feel autumn coming round the corner already

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You can put me down for May 8th for now.

I've been thinking about staying team yellow, but honestly don't think I'll be able to do it.

I've had a few vivid dreams, but no baby related dreams yet!

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