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September Snugglers 2016

I may be a bit early but I wanted to get a thread started for all the September 2016 due date ladies!

I got my BFP on Christmas eve at 12 DPO. This is baby #2 for us and due on September 3rd. Our son will get a baby sibling for his birthday present. I don't really know how I feel about that but beggars can't be choosers!

I am so hopeful for this pregnancy and would love some ladies to go through this journey with!

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Yay! I'm glad you started this thread. I'm 12 dpo and got my BFP on the 24th at 9 dpo. I go on Tuesday for blood test confirmation and my first beta. I've had two miscarriages, and I'm hoping this will be our healthy rainbow baby! This will be the first baby for both DH and myself, but we're cautiously excited.

It looks like my EDD is September 6th!

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Welcome and Congratulations Michelle!! I am sorry for your losses, it makes every pregnancy afterward seem so nerve-wracking.

This is also my rainbow baby after 2 consecutive Chemicals. I want this baby to be sticky so badly.

I would love to see a pic of your test!! I love looking at tests!

I tested again this morning to check progression, you know, because I am paranoid and crazy. This morning's FRER was darker than my first BFP one 4 days ago and a little darker than the control line. I hope that is sufficient for 16DPO...

How are you feeling? Any notable symptoms yet?
When do you plan on telling your families?

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Hoping for sticky babies for both of us!

I'm sure your tests are fine. I've just been using ICs and have been happy that they keep getting darker. Have you had a blood test yet? Or are you going to?

I haven't really had many symptoms yet. I've had sore boobs and feel bloated, but I think that's a lot due to the progesterone I'm on. I've also had some twinges here and there, but not cramping yet.

If everything goes well, I'll probably tell my family close to the end of Jan when I see them again. I'm sure they suspect something, since they know how hard we've been trying, and I turned down all caffeine and alcohol at Christmas haha.

What about you?

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Hi ladies! I'm excited to join this thread! I just got my BFP on Dec 23rd and have had two betas so far to confirm. The first was 7dp5dt and it was 42 then my 2nd beta was 10dp5dt and it was 179. So numbers are going up, but still so cautious because I've had an ectopic before. Can't wait to keep watching my numbers double and finally get our 1st baby. Also, we already know the sex since we did PGS testing. Totally ready to be relaxed, happy and pregnant with our little boy. Fingers crossed for Wed. When I have another beta. Congrats to all of you ladies!!!

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Oops I meant my first beta was on Dec 22

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I maybe in here, not sure yet. Getting end of Aug dates. But will know better soon. I always go over due anyway.

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Congratulations everyone!!

I just got my bfp today at 12dpo!! So excited! Xx

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Congrats ladies!! Sticky dust to all of you!

Michelle: I have not had betas yet and where I live I don't get a first appointment until between 6 and 9 weeks. They are booked out until the 27th... I will be almost 9 weeks then. It seems so far away and I know I will be fretting my butt off until then worried that everything will be ok.

I have had twinges and cramping off and on since the 11 DPO. Also battled my first bout of nausea/tummy troubles on 14 DPO . My breasts have been sore since 9DPO and are now larger and veiny with darker areolas. Heatburn on and off too.

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Sailor - your EDD is my DS's birthday!! I'm calling that a lucky day for babies to be born!!

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