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Ali- nice job on getting a walk in! Though I'm sorry O had a hard time leaving the park.haha...Love your "air butt" idea. I don't like using public changing tables either. I try to just do diaper changes in the car...Folding the stroller down for it is a good idea! As for the weight loss, it's good to remember too that hormones play a huge role in weight loss as well. The important thing is to make the positive changes now. Stay consistent in those changes and in time results will follow!

Slammer- I'm sorry you've had connection issues but happy it's getting better! I think a lot of mine stemmed from how hard the pregnancy was and then feeling tramatized from the birth. Once I started processing everything and talked it through with my DH it got much better. We decided to send DS1 to preschool this fall as well...It's both fun and a little sad seeing these babies grow up a bit! Sounds like your DD would have fun at school with other toddlers over being around the younger babies. But I know that change is hard. Well done on getting out and about and making the school run solo! Love to have you joint the walking challenge! Definitely easier when you have accountability partners. I've been loving green smoothies lately. Do you have a favorite recipe? My current favorite is spinach, pineapple, banana, frozen strawberries and almond milk. Unusually throw in flax seed and chia seeds as well. Another one I've been enjoying is cucumber, spinach, apple, lemon, fresh ginger. You could sub out avocado for the apple to make it all veggie.

Ally- thank you for the words of encouragement. Ive been telling myself that same thing for the past few days and I think it's been helping. I'm sorry you had to deal with mastitis but happy to hear it seems things are on the mend.

AFM, got out last night for a 30 minutes walk! I push the double stroller so adds some weight to the pushing plus the hills makes it a nice little workout. I have a chiropractor appointment in about an hour so hoping to get out for another walk after we get home.

Have been working on potty training Charles for the last few days. He's done great naked for a couple months now buy wouldn't transition to wearing clothes and not having accidents. He's on spring break this week so have been hitting it heavily. He is doing so so good. Has had one accident a day since we started but has also been needing less reminders and has been going poop on the potty! Super proud of him and hoping it continues. Would be nice to be back to just one in diapers

I'm heading out of town this weekend for Calvin's first road trip. My mom had back surgery a few weeks ago. Now that she has recovered a bit I'm going to head in to help out. They've also o ly met Calvin once because she wasn't able to travel. So I know she is looking forward to snuggling him again. Charles is going to stay home with DH. I'm hoping to take in birthday crafts for Charles's birthday and get a lot done. My baby turns 3 in just a few weeks he's growing up so fast!

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Slammer- yes you're right, the Starbucks would make a good place to stop and feed her! I also just bought an on the go bottle warmer so hopefully that helps.
Good job on your first outing with two! It sounds like it went well other than the car ride. So I take it it's normal for babies to hate the car seat! Lillian hates hers too, she seems better if we are moving but still tends to grunt, fuss and/or cry.
What a cute picture, she looks like she's having a blast! That seems like a fun age.
Also now I want a pretzel haha

Apple- that's awesome he settles himself! Thankfully we're able to (usually) do the same, sometimes she'll just talk to herself and just look around after her last night feeding and we've put her down, and she'll fall asleep on her own

Ali- thankfully we do room temp at home! She does not seem to like cold formula which can be annoying to try to heat up (I use hot water from the sink) if it's been in the fridge and she's fussing. I did just get an on the go bottle warmer so I'll see how she does with that, it would come in handy!
I see what you mean about BFing in public and pros and cons to both, makes sense.
I'm so sorry about the rough night, it sounds like you need a break, whether it's to take a shower and drink some coffee or go out somewhere you like or for a drive. I get the exact same way when it's been awhile that I've been away from the baby. We all need time for ourselves to recharge and remember we are someone other than a mom.

Angel- what is it with men? I guess they handle babies differently obviously but I have the same issue sometimes with my dh. And with us, usually weekends like during the day she will fuss and he just keeps doing what he's doing so I end up always going to her. It's frustrating but it seems like some men just arent "baby people" they get better when they grow and have more personality. It's weird!
I am formula feeding, thank you for the tip! The few times we've made outings to doctor appointments and such I fill these little medela bottles with water and use a little formula container. It does make things easier and faster!
I know realistically it wouldn't be that big of a deal if she fussed in public, I barely notice other babies fussing when I'm out so I think it would be a bigger deal to me. I'm hoping once we are past the 'newborn' stage i will have more confidence!

Ally- that's a good idea, to have a few goals to reach. I think some days mine would be to brush my teeth and finish my coffee haha
Weekend away sounds like it was fun! Well as fun as it can be with a baby I'm glad you guys got to get away at least and have a little alone time! IM glad your appointment went well and seems like you are doing okay with the formula route, that's good. If you need any formula tips, I got you!
Glad Isa is sleeping well in his crib and goes straight back down after feedings!
I agree and I feel like I would be a (bigger) mess if I didn't have somewhere to vent and it's nice having a group of ladies who are in the same stage, I was just thinking it's been almost a year we started this group, does not feel like it!

Kksy- so good to hear from you! I can't imagine how tough it is accepting Calvin might be the last. I hope whatever your family decides is the best and you are happy either way!
He sounds like a cute little chunk, oh my goodness. I bet you are thankful for the sleep!
I think the struggling with body image thing is totally normal after baby, seems like a lot of us have mentioned we are there too! I'm so glad you aren't struggling with PPD this time around.
Getting out for walks helps me a ton, I don't have the time I had before to do the elliptical like I liked doing, so it's nice to get outside and get at least some kind of exercise and be out of the house!

I wish I was able to come on here as often as I did when pregnant, usually I type half and have to close out the tab to tend to baby! I'm sorry I always end up having to make super long posts
I ordered the comotomo bottles to try, Lillian does okay on the nuk simply natural but the como bottles have 2 air vents instead of one and I just figured we would give them a try at least! She does okay most feedings but then has some where we know she's hungry, bring bottle to her mouth and she cries. It's more of an upset cry rather than a painful cry like the reflux before, so I'm not sure if she's scared from before or it's the bottles or something else entirely. Will definitely ask her pediatrician at her 4 month appointment or call if it gets worse.

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Glad to hear a lot of you are getting out for walks. It is still too cold here to go for a walk unless I put V in the stroller and just held Dd1's hand... but then we would have to walk way too slowly for it to be fitness, and wouldn't be able to go far either. It has also been extremely windy lately so hopefully that settles down soon. It usually gets nice enough for walks in April, so we will see.

Slammer - V is happy in the carrier earlier in the day, but in the late evening she just screams. Ugh. I wish that would work, as that would be an easy fix. I am with you on using the carrier more for V already than I did ever with dd1. It really does come in handy with the second.

Oh, and I am the exact same as you in that I hate getting out of bed for any reason whatsoever at night! So I definitely sleep better when co sleeping!

VRogers - I hope the different bottles help.

TO all:
Best of luck for you all losing weight. Mine is also comingp off more slowly than I would like but I am not doing anything about it yet. I am still losing about 1 lb per 7-10 days without much effort, so I am okay with that for now because I absolutely hate dieting! It makes me feel deprived and then I just binge eat.

I am sorry I'm not really replying to people but I have been dealing with headaches and nausea the past few days so am having trouble keeping track. Looking at my phone is making my head worse.
I had a good day yesterday and took the girls for an outing to an indoor play area at the mall, then we got a Starbucks after (I got coffee and got dd1 a cake pop), then home. I let dd1 play with play doh and colour while I cleaned out one of our closets that I have been meaning to do for ages. It felt like a productive day, but then after that V was extremely fussy all evening and I was quite exhausted by the end of it all. Didn't manage to accomplish anything else, and our house is a bigger mess now than it was. V has quite a bad cold and is having major trouble sleeping because she can't breathe. She is currently asleep on my chest on the couch, so I can't move even though I am hungry, need to use the washroom, and would love some Tylenol for my headache. Blah.

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I've finally managed to get back to the gym! I can't believe how out of shape I am. My abs and core are SO weak! But I am feeling so much better. Most terrifying moment ever: leaving Melody with complete strangers at the gym daycare! But they even came to get me when she got really fussy and needed me, which made me feel so much better.

The scale says I'm only about a pound or so off of pre-pregnancy weight, but I feel like I still look 5 months pregnant. We got out today for a quick walk before the rain came.

I feel like all I do is talk about sleep but....I think it's about time to shift Melody out of the bassinet and into something bigger. We've reached this point where when she's swaddled she wakes up struggling to get out and freaking out (and wakes herself up), but if I don't swaddle her she flails in her sleep and wakes herself up - especially because while she's flailing she smacks her hands on the sides of the bassinet. I feel like we've reached this point where she is ready to be out of the swaddle, but her reflex is still a little too strong. Yesterday we tried the "zippity zip" and while it worked well for naps, overnight she woke up every hour. Rough night, for sure. She did the same thing the night before while in her swaddle.

I'm so sleep deprived, I'm getting desperate. Today I'm going to try her in the crib for naps. The only part that worries me is that we can't move her crib into our room (it's too much work to move it and it won't fit well) but I'm not ready for her to sleep in her own room at night (especially because I don't want to walk across the house to feed her in the middle of the night).

Lite - M didn't use to be so hard at night! She usually feeds, falls back asleep, and is good for another 3-3.5 hours. But in the last week or so she's been waking up and staying awake fussing. It only takes 3-5 minutes to bounce her back to sleep but then she's not staying asleep. This is a really new development, and now she's only sleeping an hour at a time so yeah, I'm so exhausted. Last night I woke up DH crying and told him I needed help and I just couldn't do it anymore. He seemed kind of grumpy, but he changed her and rocked her to sleep but she woke up again immediately wanting to eat even though she had JUST ate (literally, I woke him up after she had finished eating). I fed her again, and he stayed up with me for company, and we put her back in our bed so I could sleep a little better. She still only slept a couple hours at a time, but better than the previous 1 hour stretches. I have to figure out what happened to her sleep!

I'm so sorry you're having a rough time and not feeling good! At least V is getting some sleep but it's hard when they'll only sleep on top of you. Hope you start to feel better soon!

Ali - I typed "tylonel" but I meant orajel. I know my doctor told me dosages to use for baby tylonel but when looking for the orajel they all said not for use under 2 years, which is silly because they have their teeth by then. As for sleep, I try a paci but she's really picky about whether she'll take it or not, and we've tried 5 different brands. There's only one she'll kind of take and even then it's iffy.

KK - Thanks for checking in! I can't believe how big Calvin is! Melody is the same length, but only 12.5 lbs. Sounds like Calvin is doing great though! I'm really sorry that you were having a hard time connecting, but I'm so glad that you aren't having PPD. I'm having some body image issues too. We'll get through it and it will come off eventually!

Slammer - For sure, men don't get it. Some nights I can sleep ok when M is in the bed with me, but mostly I'm only in a light sleep because if she's in our bed she HAS to be right against me (and if she isn't she'll wiggle her way over to me), and I am paranoid I'll smother her or something. She likes to sleep using my boob as a pillow. So if I'm lying on my side, she'll pick up her head and put it on my lower boob and push her head between my boobs. So I wake up a lot to check on her.

Congrats on getting out of the house and having walks! That's great!

Ally - Yay! So glad that your mastitis is cleared up! Sorry you have to start to wean, but it sounds like a better plan than getting mastitis again.

Vrogers - Exactly! Sometimes when she's fussing and DH just keeps doing the same thing I have to tell him "that isn't need to try something else" and I always end up taking her. He'll be glad when she's old enough to move around and he can play with her a little more.

I have the same issue about getting on here. I keep the tab open and end up adding as I get time and it'll take me 3 days to type up one post.

I hope the comotomo bottles work well for you! I've heard they're great. I've also heard DR Browns can be really good for gas so if she's having a lot of pain that might be helpful.

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Sorry I haven't been on here for quite a while. I've been pretty busy and time has just flown by in a blur!

Angel - sorry you're still struggling with Melody's sleep. It sounds so tough. Your DH sounded like he has very little patience and understanding and it must be horrible having to do all the night wake ups by yourself. I can't believe you can see her first tooth though! Maybe when it comes through she will settle a little.

Vrogers - I know it must feel so daunting to get out of the house for the first time on your own with Lillian, but my advice would be just to give it a go. if she cries, people are pretty understanding. I always go out armed with milk, change of clothes and nappies and haven't had any issues so far. Once you go out once, you'll feel better, I promise. I was nervous going out on my own with Jamie and Anabella the first time but I had no choice really as my husband was back working and I had to get Anabella to preschool. I worried in advance about it, but it was fine! Now we go out every single day, sometimes for an hour or so, other times all day and it's been fine.

LL - I am glad you had a good day yesterday and managed to get out to the play centre at the mall. Sorry V is now fussy and full of cold. Your evenings sound so tough. Is your husband around any more to lend a hand or is he still working?

Newbie - I can't believe your DH and SIL are still going on about you not wanting to visit when they live so far away and you're the one with the newborn. It's easy for other people to judge and criticize but at the end of the day, your baby is the priority. I hope you DH steps up more now your mum is leaving

kk - good to hear from you. Sorry you were struggling to come to terms with no more babies. I can empathise as Jamie is our last and it is very bittersweet. Calvin sounds like he is doing really well and what a great weight he is!

slammer - Anabella loves muddy puddles too! One of her favourite activities is just getting her welly boots on, going for a walk and splashing in puddles. she never gets bored of it! I love the photo you posted of her!
What is the walking challenge? I think I may have missed this!

AliJo - sorry the house hunting still isn't going so well. It must be frustrating for sure! I know what you mean about clutter, I hate it too and get so mad when stuff is all over the place.

Ally - glad you had a nice anniversary weekend although it sounded like Isa ruined the romantic mood a little

AFM - Jamie is doing well. He is growing and putting on weight like crazy and he needs to go into the next size clothing as all his 0-3 stuff is getting very tight on him. He has been doing a few longer stretches at night, but not close to sleeping through. He has been waking for 1 or 2 middle of the night feedings over the last few nights. I've been doing them all as my husband is still recovering from his circumcision and is like the walking wounded. It's painful for him "down there" especially in the middle of the night.
Anabella is getting cuter and cuter with Jamie and constantly talks to him, hugs and kisses him. I heard her saying to him the other day that she is SO EXCITED for him to get a bit older so they can play together
Jamie has started interacting with us now. As long as he is fed and happy, he will coo and ooh and argh at us for ages. He will also lock eye contact and give us smiles. It is absolutely adorable!
I finally heard back from the milk bank and they are sending me some bottles to express into later this week. Good job too as I literally cannot store any more milk in our freezer.

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Pompey - it's really weird to hear someone refer to my DH as having very little patience and understanding because that's the #1 thing that anyone who has seen him around kids says that he does have. And he was really really great for the first 6-7 weeks. But things have been rough the last couple weeks I think he's struggling with how hard she has been to get to stay asleep lately and he gets frustrated that I can calm her down so much faster (just bc I spend all day with her so I know what works) and he's at a loss as to how to "Fix" it. He's struggling with the fact that we can't fix this we just have to deal with it until she grows out of it. He's got so much experience with kids, but it's all about 9-10months and up, he's never dealt with infants this age before. He was better last night. I woke him up at 2am crying because I just couldn't do it anymore and he took and changed her and tried to get her to sleep, but she decided she was hungry (again. I had literally just finished feeding her when I woke him up) so he sat up with me while I fed her and kept me company and just held me until she passed back out. I was just so frustrated that the same night he told me specifically to wake him he was so useless.

Sounds like Jamie is growing quickly! Anabella sounds adorable! I love how much she adores her brother!

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AliJo - yes, on the extra calorie burn of walking while carrying baby! Especially big ones like we have!

I don't mind using changing tables when out...I'm not much of a germaphobe. I just hate the ones that hinge on the short end instead of the long end...they always end up sloping down and I'm struggling to keep baby from sliding off! There was one of those at a restaurant we went to, and on top of that it was mounted above the toilet. DD kicked her shoe off the thing and it fell right into the toilet! These things are always installed as a complete afterthought!

Ally - glad there was no sign of infection! Definitely take it slow and carefully when weaning to formula.

Kksy9b - my smoothies are pretty much always spinach, banana, some sort of frozen fruit, Greek yogurt, and water. Thanks for the other ideas!

Hope things continue to go well with the potty training! It's such a daunting task, but amazing when they really learn.

Vrogers - we used Comotomo bottles with DD and I love them. But also heard good things about Dr. Browns.

Literati - ugh, so hard that she just screams. I really feel for you. Poor babe with being sick! It's terrible at this age.

Good job getting out to the play area and organizing the closet. My house is a mess too. I have been meaning to vacuum for ages, but then just bought a new rug that's coming Thurs so I figure I'll just live in filth until then!

Angel - I'm sure Melody will settle down in another few days. Every day can be different. Just do what you need to for everyone to get as much rest as possible.

Pompey - that's awesome you get out of the house every day. I am definitely getting more confident.

AliJo and kksy9b were talking about going for walks and they committed to 3 walks a week, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Glad Jamie is doing so well! I hope your DH recovers quickly. Mine will be sore down there (not as bad I'm sure) next week after he gets his vasectomy.

AFM - last night was a bit of a mess - DD wanted to go to bed at a pretty normal time, but couldn't fall asleep because of having had a nap and having a cough. She tried, good girl, for nearly an hour, but came down then. I let her watch a show and then she was ready. Then she came to my room at 3:40 and was awake and upset that I moved from the bed to the chair with Jack and started crying. Thankfully DH had come home from work and went to bed with her. She's more sick today, poor thing.

Went on a 45 min walk with DH and Jack today. Quite nice.

I had PT as well, and it was good. She massaged me and loosened things up and now I have a bunch of stretches/exercises to do and will go back twice a week.

I need to make another appt with the ObGyn. The raw spot I have (granulation tissue) is not getting any better and it's been two weeks. I've seen a lot of stories in forums of people having silver nitrate applied to get rid of it. Doesn't sound pleasant but if it makes it go away I'd take it.

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Slammer - I'm sorry DD is feeling even worse. Hopefully it's the peak and she'll be feeling better tomorrow.

Glad PT helped and I'm sorry about the raw spot. Does sound like it needs help healing, though.

I don't know why I don't like public changing tables. It probably is the sanitary issue. I know I can lay something down, but maybe I just think too much since I'm a nurse and I'm always having to be aware of contamination.

Pomp - Sorry your Hubby is in pain. I couldn't imagine! There are so many nerves down there.

Your children sound so cute together! I do really adore watching O be so in love with T. It's such a special thing to see. I hope they grow up close. My brothers and I always fought.. more than normal I'm sure. I actually have some stories that would make people worry a bit haha

Angel - Yes, it's fine! Just use a little and rub on her gums that the teeth are starting to come through. Just don't over do it. Get the baby one. And if you're wondering how long till it wears off use some yourself just so you know what she's experiencing.

Glad the daycare staff at the gym come get you! That would make me feel a lot better about it.

I think it's harder for a lot of men. Like you said, they want to "fix" it but sometimes you just can't. My DH says he gets really upset and angry when they're upset and there's nothing you can do. Not at them but at whatever is causing it even if there is no known cause. Basically wants to protect them even if he doesn't know from what.

Lite - I wish I could slowly watch it melt off.. but I can't.. I need to fit into more clothes!

Okay cutting this short. It's taking too long and I need to get some sleep. Today was rough for DH so I'm afraid it'll be worse tomorrow. Sometimes I feel like BFing is causing more issues because then he wants me more and when I'm not around he won't settle. Ugh.. Just need to get through tomorrow..

I'll catch up better tomorrow hopefully.

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Slammer - go for the silver nitrate! I needed it last time for tissue that didn't heal, and I am assuming I will need it again considering i am still having stinging every single time I pee! Ugh! The procedure hurts a tad bit, but it's quick and easy and mine healed up really nicely after. I would recommend it.
That sounds like an annoying night. It is quite tough doing the nights with TWO kids who don't sleep. I feel like all my friends and family have it so easy because they don't have terrible sleeping toddlers like I do!

Thanks for the sympathy. I hope V's evenings calm down eventually. I am like your DH and feeling a bit down about having to spend so much of the first year fighting to get my baby to sleep again!!

Ali - it is great you're doing something for your health. Although I have no desire to diet, I feel fairly fed up with being unable to eat healthy ever. I rarely get a veggie in me lately. It feels like I am always getting V to sleep; or feeding her or stuck with her asleep on me or doing things for dd1. When I finally have a chance to eat, it is always something quick and not that healthy because I have no time to prepare a proper meal. As a result I feel weak and sickly most of the time. Gross!

Angel/- I believe orajel is no longer recommended for babies.

That is so frustrating about M's sleep. It almost sounds like the 4 mo sleep regression but it is way too early. Is she maybe in a wonder week or growth spurt? You poor thing.

Pompey- thanks. I had DH home to help over the weekend and yesterday evening, but now we are in the thick of the week again so barely seeing him. TBH, DH and I struggle with keeping up with both of the girls when we are both home! Having 2 sure is hard work.
I am glad Jamie is sleeping slightly better. I hope your DH heals up soon and can help more.

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Lite - It is really hard to prepare anything. I'm really limited now that I decided to cut out most of my carbs, but I am eating a lot more vegetables because of it. I still have carbs. Had an amazing cookie yesterday! Preparing anything to eat for O or I is a joke, though. The other day my mind was scattered and I ended up starting lunch, forgetting I started lunch, decided "Hey I need to shower!" Put T in the bouncer in the bathroom, O sat on the side of the tub bothering me, then O opened the door more and I smelled something cooking.. almost burnt it.. yep..

Vrogers - I'm someone other than a mom? I really had no clue! But seriously.. that's generally all I feel like anymore is a mother. I don't do hardly anything I use to! So hard when they're young. Which for the most part I'm okay with. It'll get easier once T is a little older.

Kk - Great job on your walk as well! When I went on my very first walk alone I was carrying T and pushing O. That was something. The stroller wasn't a problem till I hit some hills then I was dying! Those hills kill me still and it is just a slight one that goes on forever. My hips are just so weak still.

Ally - Yesterday was a pain! Glad your breast was okay. I don't blame you for starting to wean already! I heard the horror stories of mastitis.

Okay, so yesterday when I went to get my hair cut.. that was fun. O wouldn't sit still. Finally bribed him with mini M&Ms and got the job done. Then cut probably 5 inches off of mine, maybe 6. It's soo much lighter and feels sooo much better. I have thick hair and it just starts to drive me nuts. Especially when it's always getting in the way then T loves to grab it. He's also obsessed with DH's beard. I guess he was reaching for it the other day so DH moved it closer so he could get a hold of it! Then we're leaving and T has had a BM. Okay, fine no biggy. I was changing him on my lap in the car and it wasn't something small. Nope he blew out, I ran out of wipes, it was just a disaster. Then I was "late" to work. I couldn't technically be late because I was covering for someone and never signed any papers saying I was. She was fine with me being late, but still frustrating! Then of course T had a bad day with DH so that made me feel horrible. I know it's not my fault, but I always feel responsible when either of the boys are any trouble. Probably just because I'm the one that is with them most of the time.

OH! Since T had a rough day.. I think it wore him out. He slept almost 7 hours straight!! Sadly I was awake for a lot of it because I couldn't sleep. Still! If he started doing that regularly I may have troubles getting him into the crib if he doesn't do that in it. I'll want those 7 straight hours over broken! Probably just a one time thing, though.

Now I need to head to work shortly, bleh!

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