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ali- that is scary about T and his screaming, did it happen again? happy 7 months to him!

newbie- nice to hear from you. no idea about the fingernails...

Vrogers- glad L's reflux is better! i remember you saying about it before. Isa had it really bad too, but he just grew out of it and he's fine now. Could it be teething tha is making her fussy with milk? when isa's first few teeth came he took less milk, but now that they are through hes back to normal. He drinks 8 oz every 4 hours roughly n food inbetween.

froggy- that sounds great! well done to your dh... exciting times.

slammer- good luck on finishing up with your job and starting your new one! hopefully they will allow a little flexibility so you can be home earlier on the days you need to be. I'm sure you have made the right choice, it sure sounds like it with the extra money etc. sounds like Jack is doing well and glad he is settling into daycare better!
haha i don't really have much of a social life i feel! i just have friends that live close by, like literally 5-10 mins away and i try to see them when i can. And i live near a big shopping center so cafes etc are nearby to pop in for a quick coffee.

AFM- not much to report really. Yesterday isa had a playdate with my friends baby. We went out for lunch and both the babies were in their highchairs. We looked away for literally 10 seconds and turned around to see my friends baby Eva putting her hand in Isa's mouth and isa chewing on it!! was sooo funny.
today it's really sunny! i'm going to take isa to the park later. Tomorrow dh is off so i will be at uni, looking forward to having some time away from home and do some work! i do miss uni life and my old routine sometimes...

dh is starting a new course soon, and will leave his job soon. wants a slight career change and hopeflly this will lead to a better paid job. Slightly anxious about it, we are going to be pretty skint for a while. We really need a bigger place, we just about get by now.
i'm hoping to submit my thesis end of year/start of next and then i can start looking for jobs too.

anyway, need to put isa down for a nap. hope u all have a good day x

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Ally - sounds like a lot of changes coming up, career wise & financially. Sounds stressful, but you'll get through it!

VRogers - I hope it is just the wonder week bothering L. It definitely could be from that skipped day of reflux meds? Idk. That is too bad L was so upset and wouldn't settle the one night without it.

Slammer - I definitely was way more of an all star mom with one. It's hard feeling like you're giving them your second best now. Having 2 is hard! I'm sorry you feel a bit sad about things not just being you and Ava anymore. I definitely get nostalgic a lot about when it was just me and dd1, and I feel guilty I can't give her as much attention anymore. It definitely was way easier then. Then again, we have to remember that we are still in the thick of it with 2, and it WILL get easier at some point. I know dd1 absolutely loves having a little sister, and it's going to be wonderful when they can play together.

That is great that your new job will result in extra pay overall. The unlimited leave would be amazing, as well! Hopefully you can find a bit more balance that way. I understand feeling a bit remorseful about leaving if everyone was acting so sad, but you have to do what's best for you! This sounds like a good career decision for you!

Ali - sorry T woke up screaming. I hope he won't get night terrors. I think it might be a phase because I remember dd1 doing that as a baby at one point.
That is sad but exciting about O turning 3 next month. Mickey Mouse birthday sounds great. My dd1 had a Minnie Mouse birthday when she turned 2!

Froggy - thank you. I hope your DH gets that job! Lots of job transitions on this thread right now.

AFM - have had a busy long weekend so haven't had a chance to get on. DD1 turned 3 yesterday, so we have been celebrating. She had a birthday party on Monday (it was a stat holiday here). On her actual day we took her out to eat for supper. Can't believe she's 3 already, although she definitely has the attitude of a 3-year-old.

DH was around a lot more than usual since he took a 4-day weekend and was sick for 2 days before that. That has made dd1 into a total daddy's girl (normally both my girls are Mommy's girls). DH is loving that, but I am feeling jealous and annoyed by it. You give them EVERYTHING, and already by age 3 they're sick of you and just want their dad. GRRR!

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Hi ladies not had time to read through and catch up as been away a few days just got home. Hope u and little Ones r all well will try and catch up later and reply properly x

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Hope everyone is OK? Time is just flying. My eldest is 13 this weekend!

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Stopping in for a quick reply.

My MIL passed away Saturday. We left Sunday night for Michigan and are leaving tonight for home. DH has been pretty torn and is trying to keep it together. He tries to not think too much about it I think. Her health wasn't good and it was most likely a heart attack that took her. I just hope it was quick. I was hoping to at least get up here once more so she could meet T and see O again. I felt like it would have been our last visit, but would have been hopeful for more. Well, didn't get that. Glad she isn't suffering any more at least.

In other news. T stood by himself for a couple of seconds. Let go of the coffee table and held it fire a couple before plopping down.

I'll try to catch up probably Monday. I have to work Sunday. I was suppose to work Saturday as well, but DH needed another day.

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Ali - good job on T standing by himself for a second. He is very strong.
So sorry to hear about your MIL. Your DH must be having a really hard time. Hugs!

Midnight - time definitely is flying. Wow about your eldest being 13!

Apple - hope you're doing well.

AFM - the girls and I have come down with a cold. It's the kind with a sore throat & headache and it's making me miserable. I can deal with a runny nose much better than I can a sore throat!

Vi has been unpredictable and a bit miserable lately. Her bedtime has been all over the place depending on her last nap. Yesterday she took 5 naps, then went to bed a bit late and was up at 2 am for an entire hour? Bleh. Not sure what was up for that.
I am meeting a different daycare later today. I feel quite sick about making this decision. It's really causing a lot of stress. We also have expensive vehicle repairs, so that's fun. And we have to travel for DH's grandparents' anniversary celebration out of town tomorrow, and I'm absolutely DREADING it. Even though the dress code says CASUAL (as in jeans), all the girls are wearing dresses but I really don't want to because there are very few dresses I can still nurse in (basically none). Not only that, but I'll have the Ergo on a lot which is going to look ridiculous. I'm so cranky about it! Don't want to visit with family at all. Just want to do our own thing in the sun for our third last summer weekend.

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Ali, sorry to hear about your mother in law. Grief is a horrible, but necessary emotion. I hope you and your dh are OK. Well done on T standing up! Z has started to pull himself up but not steady at all. Plenty of time for that!

Midnight, wow! 13... Bet it doesn't feel like 13 years!

Lit, I'm sorry that things are so stressful for you right now. I hope things sorry themselves out soon and that you feel better. Z has been unpredictable lately too. Today, he napped for 20 minutes only! He's been waking up every two hours at night, too. I'm exhausted with it.

Afm, I'm back at work and our new teachers are arriving this week (international school, so they're flying in). We're busy preparing and I'm stressing about how to feed Z while in meetings. I've brought him into one meeting already because I didn't expect it to go for so long and I left formula for him another time. He loved the formula, which I am relieved about. I might be relying on it for a few feeds over the next couple of weeks. I pumped afterwards, which I hate doing - so time consuming.

Z is doing great. He's crawling and loves food. He eats pretty much everything I give him, which is so lucky!. No teeth yet, but I suspect they're coming and thawed why he's waking so much at night.

Treating myself. I left Z with dh and have come to get my hair cut. First time since March!

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Ally- it definitely could be teething, I found that answer when researching (googling) so if she pops a tooth here soon it would make sense.
Good luck to you and dh with school/career changes! Those are definitely huge anxiety inducing changes, I understand wanting better for your family!

Literati- happy belated birthday to dd1! I hope everyone feels better soon, that's too bad about the colds!
We have trouble with the last nap of the day and bedtime, she gets so fussy without the nap but usually won't take it, and if she does it cuts so close to bedtime. So frustrating, I hope it works itself out soon for you!
Also do not blame you at all for dreading the family celebration- I hope it went by fast.

Apple- hope you and your family are doing well!

Midnight- happy 13th to your oldest!

Ali- oh no, I'm sorry about your mil. I feel so bad for your dh, I'm sure he's glad to have you!
Crazy that T stood by himself, its crazy how fast they change/grow.

Newbie- I hope you're able to work out feeding baby/pumping, that does sound stressful! At least he takes formula well.
Yay for the haircut! I always feel so much better after one, I could use one now.

Afm- still having eating issues, but since L doesn't seem to be in pain and still eventually gets enough food, I'm not sure there's much we can do. It's like all she cares about is playing and moving, she does NOT sit still and if we have to take her from playing/moving to eat or sleep she is not happy. Hopefully it's just a phase that passes soon, because it gets so frustrating to constantly feel like we are fighting with her to get her fed! She's still not interested in being spoon fed, so the only way I can really get any solids to her is with the silicone pacis, I just bought two more. I'm not too concerned with that part right now, too busy trying to get her fed with milk!
She still loves her jumper thankfully, so I rotate her between that, playing in the pack n play (she's not really crazy about this because she can't move around as well, but she tolerates it okay for a short time), and the floor in her room with toys.
Ready for her to figure out crawling because she gets so frustrated she just moves backwards and face plants a lot!

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Newbie - thanks. Sorry z has been unpredictable as well. I'm sorry work is so busy with meetings and such and that you're not sure how you'll manage to feed Z enough with them! Hope it all works out.

VRogers - sorry You're having such trouble getting L to eat! Does sound like she's much more interested in being active right now.

Violet is also loving to move around and play. She hasn't quite figured out proper crawling yet, but does her little adapted form over much greater distances now to get whatever she wants, and she easily gets up to a sitting position by herself from all fours (has for a couple weeks now). I find it so surprising and cute to put her down somewhere on her tummy and then look up to see her across the room and sitting up, playing with her big sister's toys. She's so cute, curious and fun! She is still unpredictable but hasn't been going to bed super late the last few nights which is nice.
I am super overwhelmed and stressed by daycare decisions and basically just want to cry, scream and give up. It's consuming most of my mental energy which is why I haven't been on as much.
The family Anniversary thing was fine once we got there, but very stressful getting ready/picking an outfit and getting out the door. It was an overly busy weekend, so it felt like we didn't really have one. Oh well.
Hope you're all doing well.
Anyone else feel like the laundry/groceries/cooking/other tasks never, ever end?

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Hi ladies , sorry not been on for a while , I keep trying but as soon as I get on someone needs mummy !
Ive had a busy week .. for a change lol.. been away , will update properly hopefully later today. Have a few things to sort , Ollie still not good with constipation so going to dr this am, then teenager cracked his tooth so off to emergency dentist straight after😣😣. Ds in for operation on Thursday so we are anxious about that. With him having 2 in last couple of years Ive not mentioned this yet as they have already cancelled it twice and I'm not having him worked up for nothing. It's stupid we have to go to the hospital for a pre op a 90 min drive away the day before late afternoon then hi home and be back the next morning for 7.30 am meaning we are gonna have to leave 5am ish.. have to take Ollie along .. what a nightmare, should be doing the pre op on the same day, bloody annoying. Anyway that's my quick little vent lol.. hope u are well. I will reply to all as soon as I get a proper chance x
Gonna go and try and finish a coffee !! Lol

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