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Oh and forgot to mention , I went to see my eldest son today and when I go there he and his girlfriend had for another puppy !! Thatís 2 labradoodles ! My poor house haha. ( they live in my house ) I donít mind really. Iíd rather labradoodles than a baby just yet ha , they wanted a friend for the one they have got. They take such good care of her. The puppy is a little boy and he is such a cutie Iíll try and post pics ! X

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ali- so sorry about your FIL. What a shame. Your boss sounds horrible, how insensitive. Makes sense to leave, start looking at other jobs and hopefully they might have better shifts as well? Sorry about the family friend as well, good riddance. Agree with apple, try and get ten mins to yourself. You have a lot going on! Keep us updated on the 6 week appt and when you get it.

vrogers- its amazing E sleeps such long stretches, gosh! Hope it continues.
I'm sure you'll find a solution to the naps. Defo agree about 18 months, its such a nice fun age. Isa is also so curious and happiest when outside looking at stuff and taking in the sights. Everytime he sees a fence, he goes to the gap and throws leaves in it, because he thinks there are animals there haha.

apple- its hotter down south than here, but we have a fan on in the room, and I just put isa in pjs and a vest, and a light blanket and hes been sleeping like a dream. If it's really warm, i put a fan on and that keeps the room cool.
Interview is next wed, so still have some time.
Glad u had a nice chilled birthday with oh and that things seem calm just now.
Ah that is a shame about O being a bit aggressive, maybe just stuff he picks up from other kids in nursery? Isa is opposite, he normally gets hit by another kid at the park etc and he runs away upset lol. England out the world cup!! hubby was gutted lol.
Cute about the puppies!

AFM- Isa fab, just happy boy, sleeping well and enjoying the outdoors and sunshine. I have to take him out every day.
DH has his best pal over visiting, hes a really nice, sweet guy. Bought isa some nice clothes and dh and him are off canoeing for two nights. Mum and dad have taken isa out for the day, so right now i am alone!!!!! watching the footy and doing some bits of work on my laptop. Will miss DH though, miss him already haha (how lame am I).
I think that's about it really.
Catch up soon ladies x

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Apple- Iím glad your oh realizes how serious you are and that you have a plan going. He needs to know that he can either stand beside you and work on himself or he can walk away.
Ohhh yes the throwing! L has gotten to where she will throw little tantrums and just look for things to throw. I try sooo hard not to laugh but never succeed. We havenít gotten to a scratching phase, Iím sure that is frustrating when he doesnít listen!
How sweet that your son and his gf got another puppy, I would love to see pics!

Ally- oh my goodness thatís so cute about Isa throwing leaves in fence gaps! I love seeing them do things like that.
Yay for alone time, enjoy!! Not lame at all, I would miss my dh too.

Afm- L had her 18 mo appointment Thursday morning, dh ended up taking her and I stayed home with baby since I didnít want to wake her and then feed her in the doc office. L is 23-24 pounds (I donít remember the exact number) and quite tall. Dh had to take an autism screening for her which she passed, and she also got her last vaccinations until 4 years old!
Went to target today with my mom and we got a new fisher price play mat for E, this race car rug with cars for L, and my mom also gave me this busy board she made for L, so L was super excited with her new toys, she kept throwing her hands over her mouth and gasping. Itís so cute, I recently taught her when we hear dhís loud diesel truck pull up, we take turns gasping and I tell her ďdaddyís homeĒ and she just looks at me like OMG and then runs to greet him. This age really is the best and I canít wait till E is this age! Sheíll be 3 months next week which means she wonít be a newborn anymore. It has flown by!! Iíve said this before but so ready for her to be able to interact more with L, my heart will explode watching them play (until they start fighting over toys haha).

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