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Froggy very sweet pic! I'm glad the bf-ing is going so well for you and ellie. Well RQ for two girls that started out exactly the same weight we now have one that's bigger too. Piper weighs 15.4 and Teagan's at 14.5 pounds. Teagan is a wee bit shorter too. 3 pounds is quite a difference but as ling as their healthy that's the main thing. I'm on a few different twin fb groups anc there are plenty of teins of all different heights & sizes. Just goes to show you that we're all very different!
Fern that's very exciting news about the fs in Sept. I wish you good luck with your next round.

The twins don't seem to kerp a certain nap time like MacKinley did as a baby. It kills me because their up for a while and then dosn for .5 hour-44 min. I need all three to go down for 2-3 hours so that I csn rest. I'm feeling particularly tired today. The girls are both rolling from back to front and back again. They're all over the living room floor as soon as I walk out. We brought the exerscaucer from grandmas house and they love it. Next up we'll get the jolly jumper out. The only thing about these toys and the baby swing is MacKinley likes to play in them too. The exerscaucer can accommodate but I think she'd bend the frame on the jolly jumper. We'll maybe put her teddy flippity flop in it and get him jumping, see if that will do.


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Hi all
So happy to see you are all doing well!
Well my news: I'm currently on week 2 of bcp. When AF shows, I need to wait 1month or however long it takes for a natural cycle, then I'm doing FET. Told the dr I'm definitely only planning on a single embryo transfer, the other embryo will be donated to scientific research. My husband gets no say in the matter because.... I asked for a divorce today.
He is extremely aggressive and a total asshole who spends no time with his kid. The "great dad" turned out to be a sham.

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