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Hi All. We haven't been very busy on here lately.

I hope you are doing ok Fern. Still thinking of you. I hope you are healing from your experience and giving your guy extra cuddles!

We are all doing good. I think I mentioned finding a specialist for my endometriosis. I had surgery 3 weeks ago and I'm doing quite nicely. She cut out all the endo spots like cancer. This supposedly helps 85%+ of women. My endo pain is just pressure after the surgery and I think that is from healing. The doc wanted to switch me from my Mirena IUD to birth control pills because some pills are better for symptom control. When she went to pull the IUD out, it was embedded in my uterus!!! This was 2 weeks after my endo surgery, so I had to go under anesthesia again yesterday to get the IUD removed and a D&C. "Surgery" twice in 3 weeks....goodness. But all is well, and I'm hoping this course of treatment will help me manage my endo for many years to come.

Claire and Oliver are doing wonderful. They both got 4 teeth in their top gums. So they have 6 teeth now. Oliver's were a struggle, but his FINALLY popped through. They are crawling like crazy, getting into everything, and pulling themselves up on everything they can. Crazy babies!! We have our 9 month appointment later this month so I'm interested to see how much they have grown. Oliver is still long and skinny and Claire is my chunky butt. She has the biggest thighs. She is going to take after her mother.
They love to be tickled on their belly. We "bite" them on their belly and they just squeal and laugh. Last night we got the cutest video where Oliver pushed Claire over with his head and then started to tickle her belly with his face. They were both laughing and laughing. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Last week they were watching nursery songs on the tv (Little Baby Bum on youtube - we play them rarely but they LOVE them) and they sat back to front just cuddling and watching the tv together. They are going to be so close. I just love watching them grow up!

I'm gearing up for another week of travel back to Indy next week. This will be my second trip and I'm going to miss my babies so much. I have the most amazing husband who can juggle twins while I'm away. I can't even imagine, but his sister (who still lives with us - Thank God) helps him when she is off work. I guess it's the tradeoff of having a work from home job.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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Rq your endo sounds absolutely horrific, I'm hlad to hear they can find a way to give you relief! My friend wound up not having kids and shortly after 50 having a hysterectomy thanks to her endo pain. It's a long term debilitating condition, my heart goes out to women dealing with it! Claire & Oliver sound like they're wonderful babies. Take as many photos & videos as you can possibly manage. This is, in my house mble experience, the sweet spot of babyhood. Just growing huge personalities, just before they walk & talk, this is it! And then they're more like toddlers. I'm savouring every minute. It's hard, hard, hard work right now but I'm almost in tears quite often knowing it's but a fleeting moment these precious few months. My two little ladies have just found their legs and voices. Table & couch hopping while screaming schrill at the top of their lungs. I was so worried it was a behavioural problem for not enough attention or something like that but after some research it's a completely typical 9 month developmental milestone. I had it really flipping easy with my first!!!!! She was a dream and still is. Her idea of finding her voice was standing up in her stroller bassinet at the park raising her arm and talking loudly to the squirrels. We had no idea what her chunters were all about but it was much easier to deal with than these shrill top-of-the-lung, nerve-wrecking screams. It's like we're trying out for a horror movie. Piper started it and Teagsn completely mimicked her. So we ensure they have binkies at ALL times
We're still up at 11:30pm, 1:30am,,4:30am for feeds too but they're slowly getting better. We're off to Mexico for a little more than a week on the 21st. I'm hoping the weather calms down in the region. So many hurricanes recently! I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you're all enjoying the best 'baby' months right now as we're all going to soon cross many bridges with walking, growth spurts, and amazing first birthdays.

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