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Congratulations bicornbump

Am still waiting patiently

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Congratulations everyone who has their babies! 40+5 and no action here x

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Originally Posted by broodymrs View Post
Originally Posted by elliecain View Post
Through necessity, I was up and mobile after 6 hours (the minimum time they would let me). Basically, as soon as the feeling was back in my legs, I was walking to NICU to be with Finlo. I showered 12 hours after the section and demanded my catheter out then too. I've had a very easy recovery. I have a small scar, no infection and there is just a baggy pouch of fatty tummy over my incision scar that I need to tone.
I feel proud and glad that I mobilised so fast. Everyone kept telling me I was overdoing things, but I know my body.
Good luck!
It's amazing what your body can do when it needs to. I was gutted they don't give codeine anymore but in hindsight it's a good thing as I'm almost painkiller free now, and it's only paracetamol and ibuprofen anyway
Holy different hospitals and drs polices is crazy
I was on 2 strong pain meds and a pain pump in hospital.
And my baby is 2 weeks old tomm and i still have narcotic pain meds from my doc

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They said they don't allow codeine while bfing now 😟 They did give morphine but I'm allergic so I couldn't have it. I was tempted to get someone to sneak me in some over the counter codeine as I took it with my son while bfing and was fine, but I didn't just in case.

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I had oramorph during the first few days. It worked so quickly with pain and also chilled me out. To be honest, I had it a few times to deal with my meltdowns and anxieties of my baby nearly dying. When I had intense pain one time (trapped wind I think), they also gave me diclofenac but it did nothing.
Since I was discharged on day 3, I've only used paracetamol and ibuprofen. They were fine.

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Well its been a long time since i post something here since i post in the FB page but i think i should say congrats to the ladies that are not in the FB page and only use B&B as most of u know i had an amazing baby girl named Katerina Reina she was born 24th.Feb by csection, i was full sleeping because i had a panic attack 2hr before the section and i did not leave anyone to get close to me... so she was born 3850gr. 52cm she is 1month old this Friday. Post preg. I think is going good and i feel fine! I was walking and driving after the 1st week.

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