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Any other October mummies?

So I'm due the 8th October, but expecting to have section earlier than that. Seems like I've been pregnant forever, and think it's going to be a LONG summer with my 2 boys at home, but it will probably go crazy fast. I haven't sorted anything out yet. Hoping to get hubby up in the attic in a couple of weeks to start getting stuff down and washed. Baby doesn't have a room yet, as my DS2 is still in the box room, and I'm not 100% about him going into DS1's room just yet.

Where is everyone else up to?

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Due October 1st. Hoping and expecting a September baby though I love fall. Also this Summer seems to be flying already since we're almost halfway through July already!

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I'm due 9th October but looking at induction at 39 weeks same as with my first. I just keep thinking only just over 11 weeks to go which doesn't sound much or 80 days sounds even less x

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I'm due Oct 27th! This will be my second October baby with any luck. We are team yellow this time :-D

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I am due October 7th! I am so impatient, I hate being pregnant and it feels like it's been forever!

I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old, 3 year old starts nursery in September, so it feels like nice timing for baby to arrive.

Time has dragged but the summer should fly in, and September will fly in when I'm back to school runs etc. I am literally driving myself mad counting down the days. Haven't anything sorted yet, will start getting stuff sorted maybe next month. Am getting a new pram and Moses basket, just need to get the crib out and the baby clothes.

I am literally only starting to show this last week so need to hoke out my maternity clothes soon which I'm not looking forward to as they're so dowdy and dark for wearing all summer! B

Sorry for the essay!

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I'm due 1st of October.

I also have two boys & I'm both looking forward to & dreading the upcoming 6 week holidays. I'm looking forward to the break from routine of literally dragging my kids out of bed but there are times they just fight like cat & dog.

My youngest starts in reception in September. They seem to ease them in slowly at his school & I'm hoping that he is in full time before I go in to labour.

I'm planning another home birth. My oldest is very excited & wants to be there when I give birth.

As far as preparing for this baby I have very little done. I have a couple of sleep suits & vests. I've bought a new (to me) pram. I need a new car seat, cot mattress, bouncy chair, bed linen, nappies, wipes & items for myself after birth. If this baby is a boy I have plenty of clothes stashed away from when my two were born but I haven't even thought about getting it down & sorting through it.

My youngest is still sleeping in the cot/in bed with me. He is ment to be moving in with his brother but it's not happened yet. The room is prepared but we haven't gotten round to buying the bunk beds as yet.

I feel very unprepared this time round but I'm sure it will all sort it's self out, I hope!

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Due October 7, but we'll have a September baby. Induction planned at 38+6 if he isnt here on his own by then due to GD. I keep thinking September 22 will be the day. We'll see.

I havent done anything really yet. Bought a few pieces here and there, but we're moving next week. So once we get in and get the house put together, its full on baby mode. Its crazy to think he'll be here in 9-11 weeks. INSANITY! Its going so fast. Especially like you all said, once the bigger kids head back to school, its practically any day at that point. I cant wait to snuggle a newborn again. That baby smell

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I'm the 16th of October! Not quite third tri yet but I've been lurking for a while! Lol.

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FTM due a little baby boy on October 11th. So I've just passed 27 weeks.

I'm hoping for a natural birth in the birthing center, but I'm scared I won't be able to handle it. I don't know what to really expect or how I'll cope, etc. I think about it a lot.

In any case I guess this baby is coming one way or another! We've got almost everything prepared now, just waiting. Going to have a 3d scan on Saturday which I'm so excited about. Can't wait to see his little face. Also he's a real kicker - I feel him all day every day now, and can even see my belly moving when he kicks. He kicked his daddy in the head the other day when he was talking to my belly, haha.

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Hi! My original EDD is October 27, but due to some complications my Drs say I can't go a day over Oct. fact, we are hoping & praying the little guy stays put until then. My Drs are being pretty negative about it, saying we'll be lucky to get to 34 weeks & talking steroid shots already - I'm just 25 weeks. I go back in tomorrow, so I am really hoping for some good news!

I am feeling fairly ready for baby as far as "stuff" goes...I have a lot from before, but have made lists of exactly what's left to purchase lists always makes me feel infant carrier car seat & auto rock n play sleeper are really the only "big" things.
I left all the baby stuff in boxes since we just moved, so I will need to get it all unpacked & washed sometime soon. We've picked up some newborn size boy clothes, but will probably need more (other baby clothing is 0-3mo & he may be smaller).

We finally completed (a long, awful) move a few weeks ago & I am SO happy...everything is clean & organized, and just perfect!!!
When we moved in, we set up our girls' room perfectly - brand new full-sized bunk beds, bedding, dressers, etc...and my 2 year old decided she wanted to start sleeping there! It's been 3 nights (& naps) now, no crying or anything - she sleeps right in her bottom's so cute because she looks tiny in that huge fluffy bed lol (she has co-slept in my bed for her entire life). I'm so glad she's in that room now, so when baby gets here, he can sleep with us!

I am looking forward to a few more relaxing weeks of summer before we need to start focusing on getting ready for school!

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