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During my last pregnancy I borrowed a pregnancy yoga DVD from the library and I think it was by that Gaiam company. I took a core strengthening class in college, which used some yoga poses, but that was awhile ago! A class would be great, but I don't think my small town offers anything like that, I'd have to drive an hour to get to the city For now I'll just stick to youtube, probably start with some short third tri stretching videos.

Yogurt and cheese and oranges are my go-to snacks too! That is, when I remember to stock up at the store, as my family enjoys them too lol

We've been sick with a cold and fever for the past couple days. Luckily my hubby hasn't caught it, so he's been helping out a lot. We're mostly over it now, only the poor baby seems to be feeling ill still. She's been very clingy, wanting to be held and falling asleep on DH or me. Not that I mind, she's usually very independent, so I'm enjoying the cuddles.

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Mum (Mom)
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Pita, same situation here, small town. Youtube is a great idea, I think I might even branch out

Nobody better eat my snacks... You're kinder than I am! Luckily there's a fridge here at work I can stockpile in.

Sorry about the sickness going around, poor baby Nice that you're getting some cuddles in, though, even so.

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