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Thank you everyone. This situation and with everything that has happened has really put a strain on my happiness. I don't feel happy anymore. Just stuck and empty inside. When my baby moves I feel a little bit of happiness, but then its ruined by the whole situation and not knowing who's the baby is and then I just get out of control with my thoughts and questioning who's it is

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You can't get a + 5-6 days post conception. It's just too early. The embryo can start implantation at the EARLIEST at 6dpo (the fertilized egg has to change into a blastocyst before it can implant; that takes 5-7 days).
Then it takes a few days after the start of implantation for the hcg level to rise enough for detection.
I would bet every cent I have that is your ex's.

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Congrats on your girl.

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