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Oh man I hate those drops. Pretty sure I got them everywhere except Cís nose and then I panicked over her consuming too much salt 😂. I switched to the mist and we are all happier for it!

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Sorry I've been MIA lately.. things have been slightly crazy. I took Peyton in yesterday because she was pulling at her left ear and made a small gash in it, she had a dry cough, very very runny nose, and just very fussy (which is not her). Apparently those teeth we've been waiting on are finally on their way as both bottom and top gums are swollen and Doc said she could potentially have all four teeth in the next 2-4 weeks.

She is measuring at 14lbs 11oz and 27in long (13% weight and 80% height)!! My husband is 6ft and my dad is 6'2 so I'm assuming that's where the length is coming from.

She is up on her knees rocking so I'm sure crawling is only a few weeks away. She's been army crawling for awhile now. She sits up on her own and she's starting to pull herself up from my hands to standing... She also is in love with the trolls movie.. she can be fussing and hears that movie and immediately starts dancing.. it's so cute!

She's eating most veggies and oatmeal and some fruit. We are going to stay away from strawberries until a year as I had a bad reaction to them when I was little.

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Aww sorry to hear things have been crazy . Thatís awesome about the rocking and teeth! Sheís growing so quickly!

Nothing new here just ex being a petty d*bag. Both A and I still have colds. Heís slowly getting up on all fours. He refuses to play at home and only plays st daycare or my momís, when heís home he just wants to be held by momma. Food has been fun. Loves his veggies over fruit. Hates chicken and turkey alone so I do the simmer recipe from the wholesome baby food section (protein plus seeet potato plus apple) which he tolerates. His pedi is very new age with wanting me to give him meats and peanut butter before a year. He grabbed his spoon from me a couple times two nights ago and managed to put it in his mouth and suck some food off. *he had a bib lol he kept pulling it off and since it was bath time afterwards I decided to stop fighting with him to get it back in lol

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How are everyone's LOs doing?

Alex needed a shot on his 7 month BDay, so I asked to have him weighed too. He's now exactly 18lbs, which seems to put him in the 45th percentile, thank God. Dunno about his length though. We've got 2 bottom teeth coming in at the same time. He's been alright-ish, but there have been a few screaming fits. A little Tempra and some boob time make him feel better though. He's not quite crawling yet. He's not up on his hands and knees, but he's starting to drag and propel himself forward. He's still liking my purees and I gave him half a banana yesterday. I'd like to do the BLW, but I'm so worried about him choking and I know the mess would annoy me. I'm also not 100% sure what I can feed him and how small the pieces should be.

And I tried to upload some pics from my phone, but they're all too big. lol

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