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How's everyone and their babies???

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We're all good. It's hot af here right now. BD took a week off, so we spent a few days at an airbnb cottage with my friend and her family, visited my MIL for a couple days, and now we're just enjoying what's left of the long weekend. Then it'll be time to start prepping for Alex's BDay, take him to visit his daycare, so he gets used to the other babies and caretakers, and then he'll be one and it'll be back to work for me.

Also, it took 11 months, but I finally got a pic of just the 3 of us. Well, 4, if you count my chins. lol. Apparently I didn't get the "no smiling" memo.

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Dad is doing everything to drain my finances and avoid paying child support, but he is back on supervised visits. I have had several police departments and CPS say I need full custody. So hopefully the legal system clues in soon.

Iím battling the stress as best I can, but I broke down in the bathroom last night. Not like full on just a few tears. But thatís a lot to me. Iím good at a brave face.

And I get shit everywhere from everyone, from family to strangers, about Aís development. I know he isnít mentally delayed. I can tell from the logic he shows and interest in observing, but physically. His pincer grasp is still in the works, which makes self feeding a challenge. His tongue thrust is still major, so what little gets in his mouth gets pushed out. He tries to keep it in, but it doesnít happen 96% of the time. He will chew and swallow food you put in for him if itís in a good position in his cheeks or on his tongue. He pulls up and crawls with ease, will walk with a walker of along furniture but standing/walking without support eludes us. I will say I am thrilled he stretched and chunked out. I wouldnít peg him as SGA/5 lbs at birth. And he will be out of his helmet next week!

But he is a good kid. Well behaved at restaurants. Fun. Cute. Stair beast. Flew up an entire flight of stairs the first time he saw them. Drinks from rimless cups and straws. Definite mommaís boy. Loves aquariums and dancing to music. Claps. High fives. Blows kisses/kisses. Starting to share food/his paci.

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Dobby, I'm so sorry. I hope things get easier and that your ex pulls his own weight or at least makes things less stressful for you. As for development, it sounds like A is doing just fine. It's hard to deal with negative comments but you know he's doing well, your doctor knows he's doing well, that's all that matters.

All these photos are beautiful! Such sweet faces! Best of luck to all of you in TTC mode again, I hope you have BFPs very soon.

My biggest concern with A is still his size. He's near the VERY bottom of the chart for height, not much better for weight. I struggle with feeling guilty or like I'm doing something wrong. He still mostly wears nine-month outfits!

I have a friend with a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old who are only ONE pound different in weight, so I know sometimes it just happens that way. But it's still hard not to feel self-conscious or guilty.

The good news is A has a healthy appetite, loves to feed himself, tries a huge variety of foods, so I know he's getting good nutrition, even if he's genetically tiny. He stands, walks a little bit, says peekaboo and uh-oh and bye-bye, etc. He's a mellow baby too, really sweet and curious.

Our family is moving to a different state at the end of the month! It will be great to live near family and not have to be doing this solo for the first time in five years, but it's also a little intimidating. We did buy our first house too: scary/cool. Wish us luck!

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