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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Negative blood and urine HCG but still pregnant?

Hello ladies, I am currently TTC #1 with DH and the blood and urine tests keep coming back negative but my body is telling me otherwise.
I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17 (am now 24) but despite having mild PCOS I've usually had fairly regular periods my average cycle is 33 days give or take a day and is usually between 5-6 day of 3-4 of which are very heavy flows with clots. The last time I had actually bright red blood and a normal flow was 8/19-23/16 (if we're going by this date then i woukd be on CD67 and 45dpo) then on 9/23-25/16 I had 3 days of on/off dark brown discharge (if going by this date I'm on CD32 and 14dpo).....since then I've had unusually tender breast, nipples look slightly darker, feel heavier, bras are tighter, my blue veins are way more pronounced as well as little red spider web looking veins all around my boob and occasion sharp pains, im so bloated my underwear are tighter and my jeans and bottoms in general cause discomfort in my lower abdomen, ive been having hot flashes, ive been super emotional crying over even the silliest things, my cervix has been consistantly high and soft and feels swollen as of the past few days, I've been having on/off light brown discharge thats EW consistancy only when wiping for the past week as well as a lot of milky discharge, my vagina feels tighter/more swollen inside but there's no pain, itch or irritation and I've also noticed a redish purplish hue to my labia and vaginal walls and while having sex with my husband even he noticed, I've been more fatigued than is usual for me, lower back pains, and I get these weird twinges in my lower abdomen as if my insides are moving....I have had negative urine and blood HCG, I had an ultrasound done 2.5 weeks ago and it showed a small cyst on my left ovary, but after due research it could be a corpus luteum cyst....😣😥🤔 I will be having another ultrasound in about 3 weeks, but I was wondering how many if at all any of you mom to be have tested negative with blood and urine but still ended up being pregnant and if so what was the outcome of your pregnancy and how did you get doctors to cooperate with you?

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