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Originally Posted by sarah2211 View Post
Sorry I haven't updated.

I got induced at 40+1 for preeclampsia. Also fluid was a little low and reduced movements. My waters were broken at 8am and I was 3cm and 80% effaced. I had all day and into the night of pitocin, mostly at the highest dose. I was handling the contractions with no pain relief. But when I had another VE I hadn't progressed past 4cm. The same again when they checked at 10pm. His head didn't seem to be applied well and he'd turned posterior. So it was suggested I have an epidural to relax the muscles and allow him to turn. I was disappointed because I was coping fine with the pain but I needed pain relief. My BP dropped really low with the epidural. Another 2 hours passed but still no progress. Heart rate was decelerating and we were rushed in for an emergency c section. He had his head wedged in my pelvis, was posterior and had the cord around his neck twice. He needed help breathing initially but was ok.

We've had 3 trips back to hospital for a uterine infection, retained product and my uterus not contracting fast enough. But the little mister is 1 month old today, exclusively breastfed despite lots of difficulties. I'm still really sore and it's been a struggle to accept how things turned out.
Congratulations! I am sorry to hear things did not work out how you expected, and also having to go back so many times! Hopefully it is all looking up from now on!

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Sarah, so sorry you had so much difficulty but so glad he's here and you're both OK! The soreness will take time. I had an emergency C-section with my first and it was awful! It took me several weeks to fully recover and I didn't have any problems I had to go back to the hospital for. My sister in law did, though. She got an infection in her uterus and wound up in the hospital for a week. I hope you start feeling better soon! And great job on EBF! If it gets to be too much though, just remember fed is best!

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