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4 days late but started light Period

Hi as the title says up above my period is usually normal, ontime and heavy on the first day. My last normal period was Fed 4th 2017 and ive been 4 days late but this morning i woke up and having a light color and light period.

Ive been having all the signs of being pregnant besides the tender brest i only had that for one full day. I have 2 children so my gutt was saying yes to being pregnant but the home tests kept saying now which was fine my second child was the same i did many home test and said no then did blood and it said yes so it wasnt a shocker to me much but now im confused am i pregnant?? My first pregnantcy i had a normal period threw out 3 months of my pregnancy, my second child i didnt have it at all. I normaly crave junk food such as cocolate and pop but now i cant stand much meat (yet again had the same experiance with my second pregnancy) im craving for strawberrys i can eat one full contanor and a half in one sitting (one hour) and im all about vegies and juice the only brest tenderness feeling ive been getting is the one feels like as if its leaking but nothing is coming out. My normal periods i normaly am laying down in cramping pain threw out the whole 5 days of being on it. But now its more i feel nausus, i have a little cramping but not much, i have been getting hot and cold flashes, my stomach and the lower part of where the egg is normal sits for the first trimester feels blotad and i cant sit nor lay in confert.

My partner and i did the pull out method but now im thinking that if i am it has been conseaved the same way my second child has been (pre cum)

Very confused just like some advise or any expereance anyone had and the resaults thank you

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