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Congrats Sunnydee!!!

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How is everyone?
Natalie is nearly 4 months old. She weights 14.9lbs and 23in long.
She loves eating, kicking her feet, and soaks up any attention she gets. Even a silly face. Shes a smiler, and a screamer. Its her own special talking language.

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hope everyone and their babies are well!

Jack is 16 weeks and weighed 14lbs 10oz two weeks ago. STTN the last two nights and chatters/babbles all day long. The little giggles are the sweetest.

Hes not a fan of lying awake on his back as he likes to see about but generally hes very content and good natured. Also not a fan of tummy time and making no attempt to roll over yet

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Ds2 is 18 weeks on Wednesday, time is flying 😢,I've no idea how much ds2 weighs, he's due an operation soon so will be measured and weighed then. Sleep is non existent unless he's in with me. He babbles a lot and is very smiley, yesterday he started to lift his head and shoulders up when in the carrycot of my pram so won't be long until I transfer him into the seat unit.Still bf him though have tried him with formula last week at bed time to see if helped with sleep which it didn't do back to just me. He's rolled 4 or 5 times, he's just lazy to keep doing it haha. My other children are absolutely besotted with him and we are currently ntnp but being careful until June as we are going to Florida for Xmas x

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