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Good to hear from you both, I think you’re both supermums!

Glad you still have husbands help Juliet whilst you adjust to life with 4 precious children, it is definitely exciting
How are you feeling physically now?

Wish, that’s great all the sleep you’re all getting, I can imagine it’s much needed and helps you through your day, they sound so gorgeous and perfect

Calebs doing well, he has about 3 bottles of formula a day now in between breastfeeding which he still loves to do ALOT lol, the formula does keep him full up longer but still isn’t long between he wants another feed
Madeleine is all over him and she you can see he loves her too, when I think she’s been over loving and say he’s not liking it he’s actually got the biggest smile on his face and she knows it lol, I just worry about her cuddling too hard sometimes and laying all over him!
Nights aren’t bad, he is usually up once now for 30-45 mins out of 9-10 hours so hoping this stays
He’s still cuddled to sleep after boob though but Madeleine always was and I can’t see me changing it, Madeleine was cuddled to sleep up until she was 2 and then all of a sudden it stopped when she moved to her bed from the cot so I’ve probab got another 2 years of it but I wouldn’t change that for the world!

Glad to hear from you all, hope everyone is well

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wish, that age sounds wonderful!!!! giving me something to look forward to. and really cant believe they are 4 months old already! so glad you are getting some sleep! yep, everyones happy when they are getting better sleep!!!

star, you also sound like you are doing really well!! i am so happy! and that's a short waking for that long of a chunk of sleep, so that is REALLY good!!! i hope it keeps up for you!!! i find it a bit challenging when the siblings try to touch and "check on baby", drives me a bit nutty as my 2 year old is kinda pushy.

so Mav is 6 weeks old now. we still don't have a sleep schedule down yet or anything, and we are dealing with a couple issues. he has lots of snot, so i have to do saline drops and suction a couple times a day. not a huge deal, but may want to take him in if it's a cold or something. then the other issue is he gets constipated last 5 days or so. he has daily poops, but they have decreased and then he will fuss, grunt and even scream a bit when he is trying to pass gas or have a poop. so sad to watch. i was going to try some gas relief drops, but the pedi advised against it for his young age. so doing lot's of bicycle legs, and gently rubbing his tummy and hoping it will get better. he has small poops and then every couple days a big blowout!
i am excited to be starting to feel better so got in a 2.5 mile walk today. my incision is a little itchy sometimes with tiny bits of pain but not too bad. i see my gyno next week for my 6 week followup so that will be good.

hope everyone is doing well! and getting excited for the weekend!!

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star - you sound like you are doing amazingly well! I love the 2 yrs of snuggles Timothy has fallen asleep on me a few times now and I love it - once when I had a friend over and just had him sitting on my lap as we were chatting and suddenly Zzzzzzz hahaha
Madeleine sounds like she's being a fantastic big sister!

juliet - oooh the boogers! both boys were heavily snotty, especially over the winter. And we had to battle the dry air - little Malcolm's nose bled! We took him into the pedi to make sure we didn't puncture or scratch anything with the sucker bulb thing and he was fine. Just has sensitive membranes like I do. I used to get bloody noses all the time growing up. Anyway - we use the Nose Frieda now and it's a life-saver!! It grossed me out thinking about using it but it's FINE and no boogers come close to your mouth and it's insanely effective. Still have to give drops sometimes and suck out a little bit but they are much better now.

I was looking back to pics of T when we were giving him a bath at one week old, where his head was just swimming in the bath towel hood and now we can barely get it over his head! It seems like so long ago already.

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